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Dry Drayton Community Speedwatch


Update December 2021

Parish Council Speedwatch brought a new Mobile Speed Sign into action today, Dec 15th 2021. The sign will be moved between a number of locations in the parish from month to month, encouraging drivers to comply with the speed limit and recording data for upload to the Council and Police. We also have a portable sign which we set up and observe for an hour to report speeding registration plates to the Police. Speeding through Dry Drayton is quite alarming when you consider how many pedestrians, cyclists and equestrians use our road. If you'd like to help with Speedwatch please contact Chris@Turner-Bilton.com


Chris Turner, Village Speedwatch Contact.


Mobile Speed Sign


Update and Opportunities to Assist - 21 June 2019

Dry Drayton’s speedwatch team are now out most weeks on Scotland Road, Park Street or Oakington Road, monitoring traffic for an hour with a portable radar and speed sign kit.  Traffic flow through the village is typically 200 vehicles per hour each way and we usually see ten percent or so exceeding the 30-mph limit by five mph or more.  Our aim is to educate motorists passing through Dry Drayton as this is an increasingly popular route around, into and out of Cambridge.  Drivers speeding above 35 mph receive a police letter noting that they’ve broken the law and persistent offenders may find themselves being interviewed regarding their driving habits.


I’m sure residents will agree this is a worthwhile activity as the main road and footpaths through Dry Drayton are used by our schoolchildren, cyclists, horse riders and other non-motorised users who are all concerned for their safety.  The narrow footpath along Oakington Road to Hill View is a particular worry where pedestrians are walking so close to the busy road with HGVs passing right beside them.


We would like one or two more people to join the speedwatch team so we can be out more often, operating in groups of three for an hour.  So please contact us if you can help. 


Finally, a plea to our Parish Council to expedite funding and installation of modern effective speeding signs throughout Dry Drayton.  Most other Cambridgeshire villages seem to be better equipped in this regard.


Graham Carver, speedwatch coordinator, Telephone 01954 781806



Community Speedwatch Iinitiated in Dry Drayton in 2018.


Community Speedwatch is a nationwide scheme. Volunteers are trained by the Police to measure vehicle speeds using hand-held speed detection devices.


The primary aim for the scheme is to educate drivers to reduce their speeds. To this end the Speedwatchers put up a sign in advance of their checkpoint and wear high-visibility clothing to encourage drivers to slow down. Vehicles that still exceed the speed enforcement limits are referred to the police. In cases of excessive or repeat offences enforcement and prosecution follow.


The Speedwatch team in Dry Drayton has been in operation since mid 2018 . The first Speedwatch volunteers from Dry Drayton were trained at Cambourne police Station. Speedwatch volunteers also held a public meeting in November 2018 to publicise their activities and encourage additional volunteers.


Speedwatch co-ordinator Graham Carver says "We are always looking to expand our voluntary group and are happy to discuss this with you, if you are interested"


For more information please contact Graham Carver 01954 781806, grahamcarver@aol.com