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In the centre of Cambridge, next to the entrance to the Lion Yard beside St Andrews church is a little passage called Post Office Terrace. As you enter the passage there are some buildings on your left. This marks the site of Post Office Terrace Photographer's Studio, which was occupied by a series of different photographers from the 1860s to the 1980s. Amazingly many thousands of the negatives of photographs taken at this studio have survived to the present day and in recent years there has been a lot of work by volunteers to catalogue these survivals. The photographs are now part of the Cambridgeshire Collection housed in the Lion Yard Central Library. You can obtain prints from surviving negatives from Cambridgeshire Collection librarians. cambridgeshire.collection@cambridgeshire.gov.uk


John Kidman, Dry Drayton

John Kidman, Dry Drayton, 1890s


Below is a list of the images of Dry Drayton folks spotted so far in this collection.There will be more as indexing continues.

Armstrong, C.H.A. RNVR 1943 RM9506
Armstrong T 1959 RM 34759 1959
Binge, E two children 89/6
Blake, Miss A Park Lane 1967 RM 40878 1967
Blake Mrs S W 1965 RM 39635
Brackley G Oak Crescent, 1968 RM 41473
Bullen JJ, Duck End, 1949 RM 24716
Crisp, Miss PCRB 81/6, 7, 8,
Dilley NWH Rectory Cottage 1943 RM 10146
Doyle J Old Rectory 1976 RM 45947
Goodwin, BG Pte, Phypers Farm, 1945 RM 15534
Hawkes, R Derrymore, 1968 RM 41404
Hewitt C.K. Red Cross Nurse, 59/34
Hooley, E.T. 649/30, 32, 32, 33
Hooley, Mrs 503/10, 11. 896/34, 35, 36.
Kidman, John PCRB 212/ 2, 3, 4
Kidman, Miss 20/4/1894 PCRB 212/1
Trohock, Mrs 626/10, 11


This link will take you to more information about the Post Office Terrace Studio and various indices of their negatives which you can search online: http://www.fadingimages.uk/POT1.asp


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