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On this page we are trying to provide information linking events in the past, recorded in local newspapers, with present locations in the village. Where there are gaps, we have no information - can you help with any of these locations? Do you have any photos of these locations which we can add to these pages?


You can help - if you have information about present day locations, please e-mail webmaster@drydrayton.net

Public Houses

Five Bells: beside the old Huntingdon Turnpike road (now the A14) near the junction with the Oakington and Dry Drayton roads. Building now gone.

Prince of Wales: Lower end of the village between Crafts Farm and Long Lane next door to Wood Cottage. Building now gone

Rose and Crown:

Three Horse Shoes: High Street next to the Rectory grounds. Building now a private House

Three Tuns:

Queens Head: Now at the corner of Pettitts Lane at the top of Long Lane. Building now a private house.

Black Horse: Our much loved Black Horse of today.


Locations of tragedies / incidents

Mr Reynold's Field


Local Farms and farmers

Mrs Rust

Henry Savill

Mr Phypers

John Sadler

William Hipwell

William Johnston

J Markham, Thomas Markham, William Markham


Ann Pryme

William Farrington

John Webb

Mr Haggerstone

Miss Ann Cotton


Mrs Weinn

John Silk

Thomas and Watson Reynolds


Samuel Achurch

William Hipwell

New Farm

Richard Kidman

Bee Garden Farm

Joseph Thompson

Mr Reynolds


Fields and enclosures                   
Burns Close

Cootes Close

Coventry Close

Hill Lane Close

Temple Bar Field

Orchard Field Close

Free Close

Stone Field

Other businesses and locations of interest

Dry Drayton Windmill, was somewhere beside the Huntingdon Turnpike Road, now the A14.

Wheelright's shop

Grocery and drapery, Mrs Free

Butcher's shop

George Hanscombe's little shop

Village shop and bakehouse

The well dug by the Rector in 1830

Carpenter's shop