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Dry Drayton History - Old Photographs


Use this link if you wish to see images relating to Dry Drayton History from Flickr.com


Use this link to see images relating to Dry Drayton in general from Flickr.com


Finding Old portraits of Dry Drayton folks from a Cambridge Studio   


Would you like to help to build a village photo archive?


We would be delighted if you could help us to build this resource about the history of our village. There are a number of ways you can do this.




The Road Past Crafts Hill Farm, Dry Drayton (Courtesy of Chris Turner)

The Road past Crafts Hill Farm, Dry Drayton (C.Turner)



Photographs quickly become old photographs, and then tend to disappear at an alarming rate. If you have old photographs of Dry Drayton or Dry Drayton folks that you would be willing to share, here are some ideas how you might do this. You can:


  • Set yourself up with a free account at www.flickr.com and post your images there. You can post up to 1000 photos there free (more than that and you will need FlickrPro, which has a small monthly subscription charge.) Put both "Dry Drayton" and "Dry Drayton History" in the tags for each picture. The "double quote marks" need to be included in the tag. Don't forget to add a description of the subject and set permissions, showing you are willing to let others use the image. Then anyone coming along and searching Flickr on "Dry Drayton" or "Dry Drayton History" (include the double quotes in the search field) will find your images, along with everyone else's from the village.

  • Scan your images and send them, with a description, to webmaster@drydrayton.net and we will post them on this site. You can use a file transfer facility like DropBox www.dropbox.com if you have a lot of photos to post.

  • If you don't have a scanner, contact Chris Turner (01954 782134 chris@turner-bilton.com) who will scan these for you and help get them online.

  • If you want to find out more about photographers who operated in Cambridgeshire 1840-2000, take a look at www.fadingimages.uk


Identifying locations mentioned in the local press reports.

Some of the newspaper reports give us incomplete information about places, not enough to identify the location today. For example a newspaper report might refer to a farm simply by the name of the farmer or a location by a field name. If, when reading these reports, you recognise a present day location and feel that information should usefully be added to the entry, please drop an e-mail to webmaster@drydrayton.net.


Adding your own memories or research

Have you considered writing up your own memories of aspects of village life, or researched a particular local history subject ? You can share your material through these pages. Simply e-mail webmaster@drydrayton.net.                

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