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Dry Drayton Local Supplies of Food and Drink Related Products and Services


Let us have details of your favourite suppliers or product reviews to share.


Beer and cider



Lord Conrad's Cambridgeshire Brewery sign

Local Ale Cask & Bottle along with Keg Lager and Pouched Cider. 

Supply on Trade and Direct to public. Unit 21 Dry Drayton Industries. Scotland Road. Dry Drayton. CB23 8AT. 




STIR Bakery 255 Chesterton Road, Cambridge

super bread but difficult parking. https://www.facebook.com/stirbakerycb4/


Norfolk Street Bakery, Cambridge

Bread and cakes to die for... https://norfolkstbakery.co.uk/






The Cambridge Cheese Co, All Saints Passage Cambridge http://www.cambridgecheese.com/


We asked them about local cheeses and they replied,

"As you may be aware, there is very little cheese and dairy procution in this area (Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire etc) as it’s a predominantly arable area of the country. That said, there are a few fairly local cheeses which I’ll list below. More details about each can be found on our website cambridgecheese.com

We do still sell the Cambridge Bleat and Lord Nelson - these are both aged in our cellars in Cambridge and the Lord Nelson remains completely exclusive to us. The goat’s milk that goes into them comes from Herefordshire. We also stock one cheese made in Cambridgeshire (St Ives to be exact) - the St Ivo, a ewe’s milk log. The milk for it comes from Bevistan dairy on the Bedfordhsire/Cambridgeshire border and we also sell the Bevistan Classic and Bevistan Smoked which come from said dairy in Bedfordshire.  Then we have the Baron Bigod, Truffle Baron Bigod, St Jude and St Cera which are all made in Bungay, Suffolk and the Norfolk White Lady, unsurprisingly made in Norfolk! We also sell the Cambridge Blue, the exact location of production is top secret but the cheese is exclusive to us!"


We tried two of these:

Cambridge Bleat is an unpasturised sheep's cheese from an artisan in Berkshire. It is matured to that point where it just starts to have a hint of runniness. With a brie-like appearance this has a delicious light creaminess and an excellent consistency.


Cambridge BAA


Lord Nelson is an unpasturised goats' cheese, made into a distinctive square pyramid shape, covered in ash and matured. It has a distinct but light goats cheese flavour, is very light in consistency and is absolutelt delicious. At around seven pounds for a cheese it is a bit of a luxury product, but one which will delight.


Lord Nelson


Does anyone know of other local cheeses? Want to send us a review?





Hot Numbers in Gwydir Street and Trumpington Street Cambridge - coffee roasters, blenders, coffee shops and much more



Fruit and Vegetables


Dry Drayton - Hacker's Farm Shop

Off the A1307 Dry Drayton to Cambridge local road. Excellent fruit and vegetables. https://www.facebook.com/HackersFarmShop


Willingham - The Bushel Box Farm Shop

At Mannings, 130 Station Road, Willingham - excellent suppliers of fruit and veg - much grown on the premises.


Burwash Manor Farm, Barton

Includes Burwash Fine Wines, Biscotti di Debora · Burwash Food Hall · Cozzi & Boffa Wines · The Barn Tea Rooms · The Larder, This link will take you to a full list of outlets there.



Healthy Foods


Daily Bread, Kings Hedges Road, Cambridge


Limoncello, 212 Mill Road, Cambridge for Italian ingredients, olives, pasa, pesto, cheeses, meats etc.

Balzano's Continental Stores, 204 Cherry Hinton Road, Cambridge, another excellent source for Italian ingredients.





Cruickshanks, 10 South Street Comberton

KNIBBS Meat Safe, Manor Farm Bourn http://www.knibbsmeatsafe.co.uk/


Wines and Spirits


J Wadsworth wines and spirits, 34 The Broadway St Ives




Fair Trade



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