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Dates shown are the dates of newspapers in which items appear.

Achurch farm of 247 acres near the church he occupied being sold 24.6.1876
Achurch, Samuel, potatoes stolen from his farm 20.2.1864
Achurch, Samuel, sale of feed 28.4.1877
Achurch, Samuel, farm sale, moving to another farm 15.9.1877
Achurch, Samuel, grass sale - land lately occupied by, 27.4.1878
Amps, William, beer house open after hours 7.5.1864
Amps, William, Prince of Wales Inn - inn and land occupied for sale 12.8.1865
Amps, Young, accident horse and cart 3.3.1833
Amps, Young, poaching 7.2.1885
Anable, Charles, call-up 22.12.1916
Anable, Henry, bricklayer, bankrupt 17.7.1834
Anable, Maria, abusive dispute with neighbour 30.3.1906
Anable, Samuel, boys stealing apples 26.7.1862
Anable, William, bricklayer, assaiulted the Rector 22.12.1877
Ancient Shepherds 8.5.1847, annual lodge meeting 4.1.1918, 4.4.1918, 3.1.1919
Anibal, Mary, sudden death and inquest 12.1.1884
Annable, Samuel refusing to quit public house 19.11.1870
Ansell, cottage occupied being sold 2.5.1857
Ansell, dwelling for sale 10.6.1843
Ansell, John, assaulted 21.9.1844
Ansle, Thomas boys stealing apples 26.7.1862
Anthrax, steer belonging to Mr Jacob Frohock 6 Nov 1908
Ardley, Miss Agnes, marriage 16.9.1898
Asplen, Josh charged with stealing fowls 26.10.1850
Asplen, William, in possession of 165 acre farm 16.10.1841
Aychurch, Samuel, hedge damaged 14.6.1851
Ayling, in occupation of land owned by late Mr Smith Silk being sold 7.7.1866


Badcock, Mary Ann, fatal accident and inquest 2.9.1887
Badcock, Samuel group attacking informant's home 12.5.1866
Badcock, T. in possession of orchard being sold 10.7.1858
Badcock, William, cottage occupied being sold 31.8.1844, fire set in his stable 6.11.1847
Badcock, William stealing walnuts 15.10.1853
Badcock, William, assault 4.8.1855
Badcock, William, occupant of cottage being sold 10.7.1858
Badcock, William, assault 4.9.1858
Badcock, William assaulted girl, 30.4.1864
Badcock, William, animal straying 19.11.1870
Badcock, William threatening sister 13.7.1888
Badcock, William allowing horse to stray on highway 19.11.1870
Baddock, Thomas unlawful measures 26.9.1868
Bailey, horse breaker - dispute over horse 17.3.1905
Bailey, Mrs and Charles Bailey and Harry Bailey civil process case 22.12.1905
Band of Hope 21.4.1905, 17.11.1905, 16.3.1906, 28.2.1913, 31.10.1913, 12.12.1913
Banyard, Mr action against trespassers in persuit of game 16.12.1887
Barker, Samuel, assaulted 13.1.1877
Barnard, advert for maid, 10.3.1860, advert for shepherd 30.6.1860
Barnard, L.E., farmer, farm accident, labourer lost leg 24.8.1861
Barnard, L.E. advert, engine driver / blacksmith wanted 8.8.1863, again 24.12.1864
Barnard, L.E. selling corn drill 5.3.1870
Barnard, farmer charged employee with breach of contract 16.4.1864
Barnard, farmer, Scotland Farm, unlawful killing of dog 13.12.1873
Barnard, L.E.sale of live and dead stock 18.3.1876
Barnard, wanted 200-300 acre farm 29.11.1876
Barnard, L.E. Corn drill for sale 5.3.1870
Barratt, Frederick, bad language, 20.1.1905
Bate, Joseph, farmer, 20.11.1812
Bell, Alex, allowing hores to stray 30.6.1866
Bell, John, farmer 11.4.1795
Beard, Ambrose, fatal accident 14.12.1844
Bee Garden Farm, for sale, 9.7.1842
Bell, Alexander, grocer, baker and general shopkeeper - shop for sale 7.5.1842
Bell, William, baker fraud involving half sovereign 7.3.1849
Bentley, Susannah, Inquest 12.3.1774
Benton, Edward, farmer, died in accident, inquest 25.4.1884
Benton, Mrs, farm to rent 14.5.1887
Berridge W, chair of Reading Room Committee 17.10.1913
Bicycle accident 15.4.1898, bicycle and cart accident at View Farm 24.6.1904
Binge, cottage occupied being sold 2.5.1857 and again 25.6.1859
Binge, Edward, farm sale 1.11.1788
Binge Edwin, drowning and inquest 30.1.1858
Binge, Fred, with others, charged setting fire to faggots 22.11.1884
Binge, Henry with others, charged setting fire to faggots 22.11.1884
Binge, James, sudden death and inquest 25.1.1862
Binge, John and Stearn, John damaging hedge 14.6.1851
Binge, Mary Ann, inquest, run over by cart 17.8.1832
Binge, Mrs, in occupation of dwelling and bakehouse being sold 27.11.1880
Binge, Susan , aged 2, drowned, inquest, 3.8.1872
Binge, Theophilus, horrific accident and inquest 15.10.1886
Binge, Walter boys stealing apples 26.7.1862
Binge, Walter death, 13.12.1918
Binge, William, shopkeeper short weights 14.6.1851
Binge, William occupier of cottage being sold 4.9.1869
Binge, in possession of land being offered for sale 10.4.1886
Black Horse, Theft of Horse from, 16.7.1791, sale of 28.5.1859
Black Horse, sale of under will of Wilks William Fortherestonhaugh 24.7.1880
Black Horse share out club 31.12.1909, 3.1.1913
Blunt, Ernest assault 12.12.1913

Blunt, F. occupant of one of 8 newly built cottages offered for sale 17.5.1912
Blunt, Harriet, assault by 28.2.1852
Blunt, Private, wounded in action 6.10.1916
Bradford, Elizabeth cottage being sold, 31.8.1844
Bradford, William, donkey stolen, 30.8.1851
Brand, Michael, farmer, farm sale, 20.6.1778
Brasher, Robert, farmer, deceased 27.3.1784
Brickwood, John, failing to pay maintenance 22.4.1854
Brickwood, Sarah, criminal damage 10.9.1859
Brickwood, Jessie and Sarah, assault 16.9.1865
Brickwood, william, disorderly and refusing to quit public house 8.7.1871
Brickwood, Mrs W, death 13.12.1918
Bridge, Elizabeth assault, 20.6.1863
Bridgeford, Esther, maintenance 30.1.1858
Bridge repairs 6.12.1901
Broakes, Lydia, sudden death, inquest 12.10.1894
Brooke, Mr J.M. sale of farm 20.8.1919, sale live and dead stock 16.9.1919
Brookes, Sgt W.G. killed in action 28.7.1916
Brooks, cottage in possession being sold as one of seven, 21.6.1851
Brooks, Elizabeth assaulted, 20.6.1863

Brooks, William George, publican, Three Horse Shoes, drunk 1.11.1912
Bulstrode, Elizabeth, will 7.11.1919
Burrell, Mr, apprentice absconded 9.10.1852
Burton, John, in possession of 2 acres 28.4.1826, sorting his estate 28.9.1842
Burton, John, fight 9.6.1855
Burton, John prize in ploughing match 1.12.1855
Burton, John, assault 13.1.1877
Burton, John disturbance 6.10.1900
Burton, William, occupier of smock mill, 19.19.1782
Burton, William, the younger, theft, 17.12.1853
Burton, William, the elder, theft from, 17.12.1853
Burton, William late occupier of dwelling, outbuidings etc being solld 3.2.1877
Butcher - Thomas Rust deceased, 15.4.1779
Butcher's shop, sale of, 15.10.1785. Lease of 4.10.1806, lease of 24.9.1808, 2.12.1809, Village butcher's shop for sale 6.2.1824.
Butcher's shop in occupation of William Vials 15.1.1842

Buttress, Dartmoor pony stallion, 13.12.1912

Buttress Bernard A E, dog breeder 10.6.1911
Buttress,B.A. farmer, poachers on his land 16.2.1906
Buttress, Bernard, animals with parasitic mange 9.4.1918
Buttress, Bernard, grass sale 12.9.1919
Bynge, cottage in possession being sold as one of seven, 21.6.1851


Carter, Geo, inquest into death, 10.8.1793
Carter, William, child's body found in pond 5.4.1777
Cattle plague 25.11.1865Chapman, F, farmer, 11.4.1795
Chamberlain, Charles, aged 18 charged with theft 4.12.1841, accused of theft 20.5.1848
Chamberlain, Charles, indecent assault 23.5.1868
Chamberlain, Henry, disorderly and refusing to leave public house, 6.4.1872
Chamberlain, William, shot by gamekeeper at Childerley 27.3.1835, assault 6.3.1847
Chamberlain, William, poaching 5.12.1868
Chamberlayne, cottage in possession being sold as one of seven, 21.6.1851
Chapel, anniversary 23.6.1905, new organ 24.4.1908
Chapman, Frank with others, charged setting fire to faggots 22.11.1884
Chapman, John, in possession of Village butcher's shop 6.2.1824, in possession acre and half, 28.4.1826
Chapman, Reuben with others, charged setting fire to faggots 22.11.1884
Chapman, Stephen, giving up the license Five Bells 20.1.1855
Chapman, Stephen, fatal fall and inquest 5.10.1900
Chapman, the widow, occupier of The Manor House nearly opposite the Church 15.1.1842
Chapman, Widow, occupier of cottage being sold 4.9.1869Chapman, William charged with assault 21.9.1844
Chapman Arthur, dog not under proper control 23.6.1919
Chivers, fruitpickers tea 1.8.1913
Christmas parcels to the front 7.1.1916
Church Bells, 6.1.1899
Church, clock face re-gilded 23.3.1900
Church, closed on Sunday 1.8.1913
Church, new organ 8.10.1880, painted 23.11.1894, organ repaired 11.5.1900
Church farm, centre of village, timber sale 18.1.1878
Church tower - repairs 28.7.1899
Church, Social, 17.4.1914
Church View Farm, being sold, in occupation of Mr John Rose 18.8.1905
Cole, Mr, boy in his employ injured in accident with cart 17.7.1869
Cole, Elizabeth, cart with no light 22.11.1902
Cole, Harry, poaching 6.7.1901
Cole, Henry, occupier of The Park being sold 4.9.1869
Cole, Henry, giving up farm - sale 11.9.1869
Cole, William taking over license of Five Bells 26.10.1889
Concert, 6.11.1869,, 29.1.1870, 30.1.1891, 14.12.1894, 25.3.1892, 24.11.1899, 11.5.1900, 13.7.1900, 1.5.1914, 4.2.1916, 26.7.1918
Confirmation, 13 candidates at Boxworth Church 27.3.1903
Constable, Jane, death in accident, inquest, 24.10.1840
Cooper, Joseph, stealing bones 1.9.1866
Corn, Jacob, disorderly 20.3.1914
Cotton, Miss Ann, deceased, sale of a number of lots of land and cottages in the village 5.7.1874
Court Leet, 9.5.1801, 24.6.1825
Craft, Day, Messrs Day and Craft in possession of 150 acre farm 14.10.1841
Crane, William causing a cart crash by furious driving 10.1.1846
Creek, John, killed in cart accident and inquest 15.4.1882
Cricket Club, donation 27.5.1898, 16.6.1899, celebration 20.10.1899
Cricket Match 1.8.1857, 12.9.1857, 26.9.1857, 26.5.1882, 26.5.1883, 4.8.1899, 25.5.1900, 17.9.1900, 9.9.1901, 4.5.1903, 12.5.1903, 5.6.1903, 20.5.1904, 8.7.1904, 2.9.1904, 19.5.1905, 26,5,1905, 7.7.1905, 22.5.1914, 3.7.1914
Crisp, Mr F, distribution of coal to the poor 27.11.1896Crosse, Rev, minister 3.4.1869 and 8.5.1869
Crisp, Mr Fred appointed Deputy County Lieutenant 4.6.1897
Crisp, Mr Fred, Holiday for men on his farms 17.9.1897
Crisp, Fred christmas gifts 31.12.1897, coals 1.4.1898, 30.12.1898
Crisp, Fred Scotland Farm, Church Farm, Catch All, workers' supper 30.9.1898


Day, Messrs Day and Craft in possession of 150 acre farm 14.10.1841
Day, Mrs funeral 9.11.1917
Day, William boot repairs 17.10.1919Dence, James, cottage being sold, 31.8.1844

Dell, W. occupant of one of 8 newly built cottages offered for sale 17.5.1912
Desborough, John, dropped dead, inquest, 5.2.1836
Dilley, a lad, fell from hedge and broke leg, 17.7.1869
Dilley, Ann, indecently assaulted 23.5.1868
Dilley, Daniel, theft, 17.12.1853
Dilley, George, stealing walnuts 15.10.1853
Dilley, Henry assault on Maria Anabel 16.3.1901
Dilley, James, prize in ploughing match 29,11,1856
Dilley, James, theft of whip 14.9.1867
Dilley, James refusing to leave public house 19.11.1870
Dilley, John, cottage being sold, 31.8.1844
Dilley, John, assaulted 16.9.1865
Dilley, John, group attacking informant's home 12.5.1866
Dilley, John, threatening wife Elizabeth 6.3.1869
Dilley, Richard, poaching 10.1.1857
Dilly, George, fight 9.6.1855, assault 23.7.1859
Dilly, Daniel, poaching 28.5.1859
Dilly, David, fight 9.6.1855
Dilley, Harry with others, charged setting fire to faggots 22.11.1884
Dilley, Walter, indecent assault 12.4.1889
Dodson, William, informed on neighbour for poaching 12.5.1866
Doggett, Robert, theft of potatoes 20.2.1864
Dowse, cottage in possession being sold as one of seven, 21.6.1851
Drayton Clerical Society 24.4.1896
Driver, Mr G, farmer, horse killed by lightning strike 31.5.1902
Driver, Joseph, no dog license 30.6.1905, carriage without license 28.8.1908
Duce, Elizabeth - obtaining goods by false pretences 23.3.1844
Duce, Richard, prize in ploughing match 29,11,1856

Durrant, W. occupant of one of 8 newly built cottages offered for sale 17.5.1912


Eburn, Mr, sale of gig 25.4.1823
Eddlestone, cottage in possession being sold as one of seven, 21.6.1851
Edinburgh Farm, offered for rent 24.7.1908
Edwards, Jonas, sudden death and inquest 13.7.1867
Ellwood, Thoms, leaving village - sale 22.4.1831
Empey, Benjamin (should this be Impey?) cottage being sold, 31.8.1844
Empey, Robert, (should this be Impey?) cottage being sold, 31.8.1844


Fancy Fair, 8.6.1882
Farrington, William, farmer leaving farm 8.5.1829
Feast 21.6.1899, 7.7.1899 9.7.1897, 8.7.1898, 6.7.1900, 10.7.1914
Fenn, John, farmer, Scotland Farm, treat for his workers 3.9.1859
Fensom, Frederick Arthur killed in action 13.10.1916
Fensom, Walter, died influenza while in 1st Eastern Hospital 13.12.1918
Fete, 16.9.1887
Few, Mr, owner of barn which caught fire 6.11.1847
Few, Mr barn used for political meeting 7.11.1885
Few, Mrs, apprentice wanted, grocery and drapery, 24.10.1885
Few, in possession of land being offered for sale 10.4.1886
Fisk, Ann, marriage 15.9.1815
Fiske, Elizabeth, married, 29.3.1822
Fisk, William, farmer 11.4.1795, theft of his horse, 11.3.1798, leaving farm and sale 13.4.1821
Five Bells, sale of 9.7.1881, license in peril 28.2.1913Five Bells, compensation for loss of license 25.7.1913
Flower and vegetable show 17.7.1885, 27.7.1888
Flynn, James Alfred, theft of cycle 2.9.1910
Foot and Mouth disease 23.12.1871
Footpath from Girton - needs repair 5.1.1901
Footpath, threat of arson if not un-stopped 9.4.1813
Footpaths set out in enclosure, 7.12.1810, 15,2,1811
Fortherestonhaugh, Wilks William sale of Black Horse and Queens Head under will of 24.7.1880
Foster, Richard, cottage being sold 31.8.1844
Francis, Mr C. horse stolen 30.6.1826
Frohock, A.W. applying for exemption from call up for employee 2.6.1916, 7.7.1916, 10.11.1916, 1.12.1916, 3.5.1918
Frohock, Arthur William, motor car left with engine running 23.5.1919
Frohock, Mr farm lease expired, farming stock sale 6.10.1888
Frohock, farm foreman wanted 27.9.1918
Frost, Rev G.M. Rector and harvest festival 23.10.1869, thanksgiving 25.11.1871
Fruit pickers treat 31.7.1914, 6.8.1915
Fryer, William, theft, 16.1.1808
Funghi inside kitchen 27.11.1914
Fynge, William, assaulted 21.8.1858


Game, warning to poachers 30.8.1822, 23.9.1831
Gamekeeper, Hazlewood, John, gamekeeper to Dr Smith assaulted. 18.1.1822
Garret, Samuel, farmer - damage 29.6.1821
Giovette, Augustus, milkman, drunk with horse and cart in Cambridge 21.5.1909
Glover, Alfred, drunk 2.11.1878
Girling , John, funeral 9.5.1919
Glanders, Scotland Farm 17.10.1884, Horses of Mrs Cole 7.2.1901
Gravestocks, john, killing tame pigeons 12.6.1869
Grover, Webster, damaging gate 18.6.1864
Glover, John, with others, charged setting fire to faggots 22.11.1884
Glover, Zadok with others, charged setting fire to faggots 22.11.1884, drunk and disorderly 27.6.1885
Gresty, Samuel, bankrupt, ran pub in Dry Drayton 13.2.1901


Hacker, William, applied for exemption from call-up due to his employment with Chivers 17.3.1916
Haggerston, John, deceased - farm sale under his will. 22.5.1835
Haggestone's farm sale 6.4.1805Haird, Joseph assaulting police 19.10.1872
Hallack, Mr, livestock sale 8.5.1829, livestock sale 23.4.1830
Hallack, Thomas, in possession of 246 acre farm owned by the Rector, 14.10.1841
Hamilton-Gell, Rev A.W. new Rector, departure to London House 13.1.1883
Hamilton-Gell, Rev A.W. birth of daughter 2.10.1883
Hamilton-Gell, Rev A.W.departed to London 23.1.1885
Hamilton-Gell, Rev A.W. Servants wanted 8.5.1884, 10.6.1884
Hamilton-Gell, Rev A.W., live and dead farming stock sale 13.3.1886
Hamilton-Gell, Rev A.W., returned from London 7.5.1886
Hamilton-Gell, Rev A.W. sale of Three Horse shoes in occupation of Mrs Silk 19.11.1886
Hamilton-Gell, Rev A.W. Selling up, contents of Rectory 18.2.1887
Hammond, Adolphus Chrisanto Francesco Pedro, infant death and inquest 5.8.1910
Hankins, W. died from wounds 28.7.1916
Hanscombe, George, shopkeeper - assaulted, 26.10.1821
Hanscombe, Mr deceased, farm sale on his premises 9.8.1833Harris, Samuel, death in accident, 11.2.1797
Hart, Edward old age pension fraud allegation 22.10.1915
Harper, William with others, charged setting fire to faggots 22.11.1884
Harper, W funeral 17.9.1915
Harvest thanksgiving 12.10.1894, 11.10.1895, 1.10.1897, 7.10.1898, 29.9.1899, 12.10.1900, 13.10.1905, 8.10.1909, 2.10.1914, 10.10.1919
Harvey, A.R. instructions to sell live and deadstock, Dry Drayton Estate, 25.5.1900
Hawkes, Sarah, death of 7.9.1805
Hazlewood, John, gamekeeper to Dr Smith assaulted. 18.1.1822
Head, Henry, poaching 10.1.1857
Heard, William, tree damaged, 10.9.1859
Hickman, Joseph, charged with poaching 16.10.1844
Hickman, Joseph, sudden death and inquest 29.9.1855
Hill, John, theft, 26.12.1840
Hines, poor law case, 30.4.1830
Hipwell, William, farmer, 12.10.1782, 6.12.1783, 28.12.1793, 11.4.1795, 3.9.1796
Hooley, Mrs Maud, locomotive on road without three attendants 12.9.1913
Hooley, M sale of egg incubator 24.1.1919
Hooley, Terah Franklin bankruptcy proceedings 12.9.1911, 9.10.1911, 27.6.1912, 12.8.1912, 31.12.1915
Hooley, Terah F., farmer applications for exemption from call up for employees 28.7.1916, 15.6.1917, 21.7.1917
Hooley, T.F. cottages for sale 26.12.1919

Hooley T.F. prize pigs 2.6.1911
Hooley, sale of pigs at New Farm 28.2.1919
Horse and cattle club 15.11.1918Housing - report on 24.1.1908, 24 houses in Dry Drayton unfit for human habitation. 20.3.1908, 5.6.1908
Howard, James, theft of his trees 13.3.1869
Huddlestone, Ann theft 2.6.1866
Huddlestone cottage occupied being sold 2.5.1857 and again 25.6.1859
Huddlestone John robbery of his house 6.10.1899
Huddlestone, Rebecca, death in fire and inquest 25.10.1879
Huddlestone Stephen, Private, wounded in action 25.8.1916, discharged after loss of leg 30.11.1917
Huddlestone, Stephen assault 21.2.1903
Huddlestone, Stephen willful damage 18.12.1908
Huddlestone, Ted, prize marrow 24.10.1913

Huddlestone, T. occupant of one of 8 newly built cottages offered for sale 17.5.1912

Huddlestone, W. occupant of one of 8 newly built cottages offered for sale 17.5.1912
Huddlestone, William group attacking informant's home 12.5.1866
Huddlestone, William disorderly and refusing to leave public house 8.7.1871
Huddlestone, William, theft of wood 23.11.1872
Huddlestone, William, funeral 9.11.1917
Hurrell, Swan, deceased, farm to be sold 20.2.1835
Huttlestone, William, damaging gate 18.6.1864


Impey, Alfred, stealing walnuts 15.10.1853
Impey, Arthur, fell and broke leg 4.5.1894
Impey, Isaac, group attacking informant's home 12.5.1866
Impey, Dora Elizabeth, death 26.10.1917
Impey, Mrs E, funeral 15.8.1919
Impey, H, wounded in action 20.7.1917
Impey, Horace, killed in action 4.4.1918
Impey, John, imprisoned for poaching 27.12.1822
Impey, John, drunken assault on relieving officer 4.11.1848
Impey, John, assault on police 15.10.1853
Impey, John, drunk and indecent 19.11.1870
Impey, John, domestic violence 20.8.1887
Impey, John funeral 20.6.1913
Impey, Moses, funeral 26.10.1917
Impey, Walter, lightless cyclist, 16.6.1905
Impey, Walter, licensee of Black Horse open out of hours 17.3.1916
Impey, Willian, assault 30.5.1846
Impey, William, poaching 10.1.1857
Impey, William, assaulted 4.9.1858, again 23.7.1859
Impey, in occupation of land owned by late Mr Smith Silk being sold 7.7.1866
Incendiarism, threats, 9.4.1813, fire 6.11.1847, fire 11.11.1848, fire 13.4.1850, fire 18.5.1850, stack fire, 19.10.50, fire 5.6.1852, fire 23.4.1853, stack fire 7.2.1889
Inclosure, 3.9.1808, 3.6.1809, 8.7.1809, 7.12.1810, 15.2.1811, 5.4.1811, 19.7.1811, 9.9.1814, 24.3.1815, 1.8.1817, 20.2.1818
Influenza 21.1.1898, epidemic 25.10.1918
Ingrey, George, damaging gate 18.6.1864
Inquest, Susannah Bentley 12.3.1774
Inquest,Un-named child 5.4.1777
Inquest Parish, Elizabeth,26.2.1830


James, Esther, death of her infant child and inquest 3.6.1901
James, Mr and Mrs, Church Farm, treat for Sunday School pupils 5.3.1897
Johnson, Jane, marriage 22.11.1816
Johnson, William leaving his farm, sale, 9.4.1819
Jones, Mr H advertising for a horseman 20.12.1901
Jubilee 28.5.1897, 18.6.1897, 25.7.1897


Kester, James, killed in farm accident, 5.9.1860
Kidman, farmer, stack fire, 10.3.1849, fire 18.5.1850
Kidman, Richard, tenant farmer - farm sale 22.5.1835
Kidman, Thomas, farmer, farm sale 26.5.1866, farm sale 15.9.1866, estate of 13.9.1979


Laughton, Thomas, sudden death and inquest 7.12.1861
Lecture, school room 26.2.1892, on missionary work 15.12.1899, 25.5.1900, 10.1.1913
Lee, Edward, sale of windmill, 10.10.1817
Lee, Robert, landowner, 20.8.1796
Lee, William, miller 9.4.1791, 11.4.1795Licensed premises - too many in village 16.1.1903, 29.4.1904, 30.6.1905, 6.3.1908, 19.3.1909, 14.2.1913, 28.2.1913, 25.7.1913
Loaker, John, farm sale 15.4.1809
Loates, William, sudden death and inquest 14.5.1853
Lucas, Elizabeth, murder of her child 5.4.1777
Lupson, James, poaching 24.10.1913


Machinery - operated dangerously 21.10.1904
Mafeking, relies of - celebration 25.5.1900
Manorial courts 21.6.1800, 9.5.1801, 3.9.1808, 29.4.1814, 20.4.1821
Manors, sale of 17.6.1848, 30.10.1852, 21.7.1860, 12.7.1873, 1.8.1874
Mansion House, sale of building materials, 4.6.1830
Markham, John, farmer, sale 24.11.1815, 8.12.1815, 7.8.1818, 14.5.1819
Markham, Mr's farm, sale of crops, 29.7.1836
Markham, Mrs, occupier of cottage being sold 4.9.1869
Markham, Thomas and William, leaving their farms, 11.10.1816, 21.3.1817
Markham, Thomas, stealing walnuts 15.10.1853
Markham, Thomas, assault 13.7.1889
Markham, Walter with others, charged setting fire to faggots 22.11.1884
Markham, William, sale of house and land 20.2.1841
Markham, William, sale of wheelright's shop and cottages Scotland Rd under will of 3.4.1880
Markham, William, sale of possessions under will of, 3.4.1880
Marritt, Joseph, thatcher, sudden death and inquest 18.6.1853
Martin, Charles, theft of billhook 1.8.1919

Martin, C. occupant of one of 8 newly built cottages offered for sale 17.5.1912
Measels 1.4.1898
Medcalfe, James, accused of theft, 20.5.1848
Memorial Service, 8.2.1901
Methodists chapel service etc 19.9.1868, political meeting 14.12.1888
Military exercise 23.11.1901
Mitchell, James, poaching, 24.12.1852
Moore, Adams, Blacksmith, refusing to leave public house 30.11.1872
Moore, Daniel, farmer, 26.4.1777
Morley, cottage in possession being sold as one of seven, 21.6.1851
Mothers' Union 12.10.1894, 30.6.1899, 9.2.1900, 9.11.1900, 9.8.1901, 5.8.1904, 14.11.1913


Nash, F, farmer, receiving order 15.9.1891
National egg collection 15.3.1918
New Farm, the, sale 27.3.1829
Newton, Mr, Assaulting his servant 7.12.1842
Newton, Richard, in possession of 172 acre farm 14.10.1841
Nunstead, Benjamin, affiliation order 25.4.1885


Odams, Ansell, cottage occupied being sold 2.5.1857 and again 25.6.1859
Opheal, Stephen with others, charged setting fire to faggots 22.11.1884


Palmer, Stephen spirit licence application 1.9.1849
Papworth, Charles and Phillip, Proctor's Farm for sale22.6.1906
Parcell, Alfred, publican, ponies straying on highway 8.6.1901
Parcell, Alfred, publican, Five Bells working horse in unfit state 7.2.1908
Parcell, Alfred, allowing horses to stray on highway 17.9.1909, similar offence 10.6.1910, 5.8.1910
Parcell, Alfred, drunk in charge of horse and cart 10.1.1913
Parcell, Alfred, mistreatment of horse 24.1.1913
Parcell, Alfred, not in control of vehicle 2.5.1913, 4.7.1913
Parcell, Alfred, serious fire at farm 1.8.1913
Parcell, Alfred applied for exception from call up for son Sidney Alfred Parcell 17.3.1916, 10.1.1917
Parcell, Alfred, died in cart accident and inquest 3.8.1917
Parcell, Sidney, dog without license 8.11.1907
Parcell, Sidney Alfred, suicide and inquest 5.7.1918
Parish Constables - dispute over appointment 9.4.1909
Parish Council 23.11.1894, 24.4.1896, 26,,4,1907, 24.4.1908, 21.3.1913, 24.4.1914
Parish, Elizabeth, inquest 26.2.1830
Park, the 13A pasture occupied by Henry Cole being sold 4.9.1869
Parnell, James, damging fence 3.5.1889
Parsons, John, theft, 17.12.1853
Parsons, John, poaching 28.5.1859
Parsons, R.P. occupier of arable land being sold 4.7.1874
Parsons, Richard, Selling up live and deadstock following sale of farm 12.9.1874
Peace Day 1.8.1919
Pentelon, Mr - sale of timber at his farm 7.12.1844
Phypers, loss of animals to cattle plague, 25.11.1865
Phypers, Eleanor, farmer 11.4.1795, threats to burn down her house 9.4.1813
Phypers, farmer, death, 10.8.1793
Phypers, Richard stack fire at his farm 8.11.1844, sale of livestock and deadstock 18.1.1845, livestock 15.4.1848
Phypers, Mr W, walnuts stolen 15.10.1853
Phypers, William, sale of livestock, 18.9.1858
Phypers, William sale of two steam engines 29,9,1860
Phypers, William using cart without name 6.5.1882
Phypers, W.C. giving up farm, sale 28.9.1888
Pinney, William, child sudden death and inquest 24.12.1853
Ploughing match 9.12.1854, 1.12.1855, 29,11,1856, 28.11.1857, 30.11.1861, 6.12.1862, 17.12.1864
Poachers, convicted, 27.12.1822
Poachers, warning to: 30.8.1822, 23.9.1831
Policing 19.7.1907
Political meeting 28.10.1904, 22.1.1909
Postal arrangement, improvements 5.2.1897, 31.12.1897
Pratt, Jabez, choirmaster 6.11.1869
Pratt, Jno, cottage being sold, 31.8.1844
Pratt, William, occupant of cottage being sold 10.7.1858
Pratt, W.Levitt, funeral 30.1.1914
Prime, Ann, leaving farm, sale, 14.5.1830
Proctor's Farm, sale 22.6.1906


Queen's Birthday 28.5.1897, 27.5.1898
Queen's Chocolate, sent back from front 23.3.1900
Queen's Head pub, sale of 7.7.1857, sale 5.10.1900, 10.12.1900
Queen's Head beerhouse, sale of under will of Wilks William Fortherestonhaugh 24.7.1880
Queen's Head - closure 19.3.1909


Radford, brothers met during Boer War, 4.1.1901
Radford, Ernest, taken prisoner in Boer War 27.7.1900
Randall, Mr, Dairyman, theft of fowls 11.7.1834
Ratcliffe, William Thomas, taking over license of the Three Horse Shoes 26.10.1888
Raven, Richear, poaching 19.1.1850
Reading Room, 6.1.1899, 17.10.1913, 9.1.1914
Reading Room, supported by Mr Crisp 6.1.1899
Rectory, theft from 23.8.1873
Rectory, sale of house contents
Rectory servant seeking new position 10.3.1911
Rectory Farm, live and dead stock sale 1.10.1881
Rectory Farm, offered for rent 24.7.1908

Rectory Farm sale, Mr Topham retiring 3.5.1912
Reynolds, cottage in possession being sold as one of seven, 21.6.1851
Reynolds, loss of animals to cattle plague, 25.11.1865
Reynolds, Mr, fruit stolen, 10.8.1850, stack fire, 19.10.50
Reynolds, Thomas, fowls stolen 26.10.1850 and again 18.1.1851
Reynolds, Thomas jun, house known as "Crofts" arson, 5.6.1852
Reynolds, Thomas and Watson, occupants of farmland offered for sale 28.8.1875
Reynolds, Thomas, lease on Rectory Farm expiring 1.10.1881
Reynolds, Thomas, death 7.2.1902

Riley, Mary and James, died in snow, inquests 3.2.1827
Roads, set out in enclosure, 7.12.1810
Rogers, E, death 11.9.1914
Rogers, William, cruelty to sheep 9.11.1867
Rooke, John, not sending child to school 25.1.1889
Rooke, Mrs, funeral 1.5.1914
Rosan, William assaulted George Hanscombe shopkeeper, 26.10.1821
Rose and Crown sale 27.7.1906
Rose, J., in possession of land being offered for sale 10.4.1886
Rose, J.D. Farmer of Huntingdon, Church Farm, stack fire 10.9.1901
Rust, Mary, farmer 7.5.1791,
Rust, Thomas, Butcher, death, 15.4.1779
Rust, widow, farmer, 11.4.1795
Rutter, Arthur and sons, farm sale Sunnymead farm, 21.12.1903
Rutter, Lydia, death and inquest 31.10.1828
Rutter, occupier of land owned by late Mr Smith Silk being sold 7.7.1866
Rutter, J.L. farmer, member Cambridge Felons Assn 1.3.1901
Rutter, Lawson and Shipp, David, dispute over right of way 23.6.1877
Rutter, J.L. sale of crops the Stud Farm, Dry Drayton 6.7.1901, livestock sale 21.8.1901, farm let 3.10.1902


Sadler, John, farmer, 11.4.1795, 28.11.1795, 6.8.1796
Saunders, Timothy, farm foreman, drunk, 27.6.1903 and 4.7.1903
Savill, Henry, farmer, sale, 31.3.1792
School, improvements 27.3.1875,
School, attempt to work children on farms for longer hours before school 11.3.1876
School, Miss Peachey starting as teacher 10.3.1905
School, purchase of, 2.10.1903
School, report on performance 30.3.1890, inspection 19.3.1903, report 14.5.1909
School treat 28.7.1899
School and new school at Childerley 30.7.1909
School - ratepayers objecting to paying for 2 schools 18.11.1910
School, enlarging 24.12.1909
School - advert for teacher 31.5.1912, 9.5.1913, 6.9.1918
School - entertainment for children 30.5.1913
Scotland Farm, sheep stealing 19.5.1849, sale of 30.7.1864, sale of farm 22.6.1867, Glanders 17.10.1884
Scotland Farm, sale of contents 27.7.1900
Scotland Farm sale occupied by Mr Maclaren 18.8.1905

Scotland Farm live and deadstock sale 29.3.1912
Seaby, Charlotte, assaulted 4.8.1855
Seaby, Joshua, sudden death of baby and inquest 29.8.1857
Seaby, Joshua and Bell, William, baker, fraud involving half sovereign 7.3.1849
Seaby, Joshuah charged with stealing fruit 10.8.1850
Seaby, William, poaching 28.5.1859
Seaby, William, damaging fence 25.10.1873
Sealey, William, assault 21.8.1858
Seely, Mrs, threatened by husband 14.7.1855
Share out club 28.12.1917
Sharpe, George, cart accident 1.7.1899Sharpe, Phoebe, taking over license of Five Bells 22.3.1884
Sheep Stealing Scotland Farm, 19.5.1849
Shepherds, annual lodge meeting 4.1.1918
Ship, David, not sending child to school regularly 29.12.1883, 23.2.1884
Shipp, David, dispute with Lawson Rutter over right of way 23.6.1877
Shipp, David, assaulting woman 17.8.1888
Shipp, Horace assault 12.12.1913
Shipp, Mr, octogenarian, death 26.7.1907
Shop - George Hanscombe shopkeeper - assaulted, 26.10.1821
Shop, occupied by Mr Alexander Bell, grocer, baker and general shopkeeper - shop for sale 7.5.1842
Shop, David Watts, frauduent scales in the village shop 18.5.1850
Shop, Binge, William, shopkeeper, short weights 14.6.1851
Silk, farming geese - ct case 23.2.1834
Silk, John, occupier of cottage being sold 4.9.1869Silk, Mr, sale of timber 9.1.1824
Silk and Vialls, fraud allegation against 21.1.1837
Silk, Jane, taking over license of Three Horseshoes 25.3.1882
Silk, John, marriage to Jane Summers 16.7.1859
Silk, John sale of land and tenements 28.8.1875
Silk, John, timber sale 19.2.1870
Silk, John, occupier of land offered for sale 12.6.1880
Silk, John, death 18.2.1882
Silk, Smith, executors selling land 7.7.1866
Silk, Uriah, sudden death during harvest 11.8.1899
Skinner, William, debt, 21.7.1815, farm sale 24.8.1821
Small Pox, 7.8.80
Smith, Esther, refusing to pay rates 1.6.1844
Smith, gamekeeper to Dr Smith assaulted. 18.1.1822
Smith, Rev Dr owner of farm - damage 29.6.1821
Smith, Rev, death of wife 3.3.1826,
Smith, Rev, death of 11.3.1831
Smith, Rev, - meal for the poor 23.1.1830, 31.12.1830, 4.1.1833
Smith, Rev, Rector, death, 16.1.1841
Smith, Rev, Sale of a numerous farms owned by...14.10.1841
Smith, Rev, Rector, sale of unfit horse 7.6.1856
Smith, Rev William, farm sale Rectory farm 8.9.1860
Smith, Rev W, presentation to, 2.1.1869, death of 10.2.1886
Smith, Samuel, Rector, 26.2.1785, death 2.4.1808
Smith, Samuel, son of above, Rector, 24.9.1808, theft of sheep 13.3.1818
Sneesby, Mr, owner of cottages which burnt down 6.11.1847
Snow storm 9.2.1900, abnormal winter weather 16.2.1900

Spriggs, John, Five Bells, permiotting drunkenness 8.11.1912
Stearn, Henry indecent assault 12.4.1889
Stearn, Herbert James, willful damage 18.12.1908
Stearn, Mr, in occupation 29 acres near St Neots Rd for sale, 9.7.1842
Stearn, Private H, wounded in action 24.11.1916
Stearn, James, damaging crop, 25.8.1905
Stearn, John and Binge, John damaging hedge 14.6.1851
Stearn, Rebecca abused in neighbour dispute 30.3.1906
Stearn, Robert, poaching 10.1.1857, assault 26.11.1864
Stearn, Sidney missing in action 3.12.1915
Stearn, William poaching 10.11.1855
Stock Club 10.11.1916, 2.11.1917
Stone Field - land sale 20.2.1841
Storm, 15.8.1899
Sunday School treat, 5.8.1904, 5.6.1914, anniversary 12.6.1914, treat 10.3.1916
Swallow - first of spring 15.4.1898
Symonds, Benjamin, alleged assault on Mr Phypers 10.1.1834


Tack, Pte A, missing in action 10.11.1916, presumed dead 17.8.1917
Taylor, Jane, running the Black Horse at the time of a disturbance 24.8.1872
Taylor Mrs, death of, respected resident of Black Horse
Taylor, William, publican, assaulting wife wife 5.9.1868
Taylor, William taking over the licence of the Black Horse pub. 8.4.1854
Taylor, William, permitting drunkenness at Black HorseThompson, Mr, fire at farm, 13.4.1850
Taylor, William, suitability for licnse 2.10.1869
Tebbit, Mr A.J. selling farming stock 11.3.1904
Tebbitt, Arthur John farm bailiff - dog license 29.3.1907
Tebbitt, Read, farmer, cruelty to a horse. 5.12.1868Telegram poles installed 21.1.1898, 28.1.1898
Temperance meeting 9.12.1904
Thompson, Ann, wife of Joseph, death 5.2.1876
Thompson, Elijah with others, charged setting fire to faggots 22.11.1884
Thompson, Francis James poaching 24.11.1919
Thompson, Joseph, in occupation of orchard being offered for sale 19.3.1881
Thompson, Julia, child drowned, 14.9.1900, inquest 21.9.1900
Thompson, S wounded in action 28.7.1916
Thompson, William, found dead and inquest 16.10.1880
Threats at Rectory 9.4.1813
Three Horse Shoes, pub for sale 5.8.1837, pub for sale with other properties 4.9.1869
Three Horse Shoes, pub to rent 23.3.1888, ditto 1.9.1900
Three Horse Shoes, police visit reported to the Magistrates 14.2.1908
Tingley, Sarah, assault, 26.11.1864

Topham, Mr, Rectory farm, retiring 3.5.1912
Townlands charity, Christmas gifts 7.1.1916


Underwood, John, unlawful measures 26.9.1868
Underwood, John, Five Bells, selling out of permitted hours 5.12.1868
Underwood, John, farm sale live and dead stock at Six Bells, 3.11.1883
Underwood, Robert, taking over license of the Five Bells 20.1.1855


Vestry 24.4.1896, 7.4.1899
Vialls,and Silk, fraud allegation against 21.1.1837
Vialls, William, late of Dry Drayton, butcher, debt, 1.4.1837
Vials, William, in occupation of butcher's shop 15.1.1842


Wages of farm workers 10.7.1914
Walker, Frederick, carpenter and farmer - dog without collar 13.9.1907
Walker, Frederick uncontrolled dog, 30.11.1917
Walker, Markham, inquest, cart accident 26.3.1819
Walker, Mrs, advert for servant, 1.8.1880
Walker, Rev F.A. appointed Rector of Dry Drayton, 12.7.1873
Walker, Rev F.A. assaulted 22.12.1877
Walker, Rev F.A. treat for school children 8.1.1878
Walker, Rev - servant wanted, six kept, 12.1.1878
Walker, Rev F.A.Walker leaving rectory - sale of house contents 28.8.1880
Walker, Rev F.A. presentation to, 2.10.1880
Walker, William, death aged 89 13.7.1900
War fund collection 9.1.1900
Water, supply problems 28.7.1899, 27.2.1903
Watts, David, shopkeeper, frauduent scales in the village shop 18.5.1850
Webb, John, sale of effects 19.4.1800
Webster, Mr J.R. deceased - farm sale 7.8.1886
Wenn, Mr, fire at homestead, 23.4.1853
Wenn, Mrs, retiring from farming and farm sale 21.9.1872
Wheeler Arthur George, gallantry award 17.2.1919
Whooping Cough, school closure 16.2.1900
Willimott, George, 23, assaulting police 19.10.1872
Willimott, Richard, assaulted Susan Amps, 14.8.1869
Willimott, Richard, assault 19.11.1870
Willimott, Richard disorderly and refusing to leave public house, 6.4.1872
Willimott, Richard, 21, assaulting police 19.10.1872
Willimott, Richard assault 19.11.1870
Willmott, John, sudden death - inquest, 14.9.1832
Wilson, Frederick disturbance 18.7.1903
Wilson, Frederick, and others poaching 5.1.1906
Wilson, Frederick William, nuiscance on the road 18.10.1907
Wilson, Gunner James, mentioned in dispatches and killed in action 4.2.1916
Wilson, John William, injured in ploughing accident 24.4.1917
Wilson, Mr and Mrs, dispute over servant's wages 19.12.1879
Wilson, William, neglecting master's work 16.4.1864
Windmill 19.10.1782, sale of 13.3.1874, broken into 9.4.1791, robbery at 12.1.1805, sale of 10.10.1817
Winkfield, Rev R. appointed Rector 16.2.1894, church defence 22.3.1895
Winkfield, miss Beryl, engaged to Major Hurrell, Madingley Hall 18.3.1901
Wing, Eliza, assaulted 28.2.1852
Wing, Elizabeth, young girl assaulted 30.4.1864
Wing, Enoch, son James Wing, sudden death of child 26.12.1868
Wing, John, charged with arson, 27.7.1850
Wing, John charged with arson, 24.7.1852
Wing, John, accused of stealing a gun 8.5.1875
Wing, Susan, fight 9.6.1855
Wing Thomas, killing tame pigeons 12.6.1869
Wing, William fight 9.6.1855
Wing, James cart accident 21.9.1883
Winters, Samuel, in possession of New Farm 447 acres adjoining St Neots Rd 14.10.1841
Wilmot, a butcher, fatal accident 19.11.1842
Woodcarving class 23.11.1894
Woodworking classes 31.10.1913

Wright, occupant of one of 8 newly built cottages offered for sale 17.5.1912


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