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Dry Drayton in the 1920s - local news items from Cambridge Newspapers.


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[In this summary we have ignored most of the many news items which picked up Mr Hooley's exhibiting of prize pigs at different locations throughout the UK. We have also omitted a number of reports into local cricket matches.]


Saffron Walden Weekly News - Friday 2 January 1920 p12 Shepherds

The annual meeting of the Peace and Unity Lodge 31 (State Section) Loyal Order of Ancient Shepherds, for election of officers for 1920 will be held in the Lodge Room Dry Drayton Tuesday Jan 13th at 8 o'clock in the evening. All members are requested to attend.

Cambridge Daily News - Monday 5 January 1920 p3 Affiliation Order
Bertha Stearn of Dry Drayton applied for an affiliation order against Samuel Smith of Gosberton. The bench made the order for 7s6d with costs.

Cambridge Daily News - Friday 9 January 1920 p4 - Narrowing of Road
Rural District Council - Narrowing of the road.
Mr Rowley presenting the report of the Highways Committee said an application had been made in respect of a road running between Girton and Dry Drayton. There was a large watercourse running on one side of the road and this stream had washed away the banks. The banks became more dangerous and the road narrower year by year. At the next meeting the committee would present a report on the subject and that report would probably ask for a large expenditure. The banks had been held up by old sleepers and posts and they had given way from time to time : the committee would probably ask that a concrete wall be pout up for a distance of about 130 yards which would cost £1 a yard. The committee would probably ask the Council to take over the watercourse and cleanse it.

Cambridge Daily News - Monday 19 January 1920 p3 malicious damage case
Three Dry Drayton lads Bernard Thompson (16) Christopher Thompson (15) and Jack Huddlestone (14) pleaded not guilty to maliciously damaging the wall of a pond, the property of the Chesterton Rural District Council to the extent of £1. The wall was round a pond on the Five Bells Road and was to prevent persons falling into the pond .
Charges withdrawn on payment of 5s each towards the damage.

Cambridge Daily News - Monday 2 February 1920 p4 - fish van
Advertisement for the Motor Fish Shop listing times and places visited - Dry Drayton 3pm Saturdays for fresh fish.

Cambridge Daily News - Monday 9 February 1920 p3 theft of wire
Report on court case against Samuel Anable, an old man of Dry Drayton, for stealing garden wire value 4s property of his neighbour William Radford of Dry Drayton. Case dismissed as a neighbour dispute: the full offence of theft not being made out.

Cambridge Daily News - Saturday 14 February 1920 p3 - Assault

Justifiable Assault. At Cambs Divisional Bench today, Saturday, Francis Joseph Thompson on the Three Horseshoes Dry Drayton was charged with being violent and refusing to leave licensed premises of the Black Horse Dry Drayton. and also with assaulting Alfred George Rivers the licensee of the Black Horse. The case was dismissed.

Cambridge Daily News - Monday 16 February 1920 p2 Property sale

Notice of forthcoming sale of properties, include "In the parish of Dry Drayton : Dwelling house formerly known as the Rose and Crown with cottage adjoining and 2 brick and tiled cottages near situated near Long Lane."

Cambridge Independent Press - Friday 20 February 1920 p2 Horses for sale
Cambridge Horse Trial at the Cambridge Cattle Market - 120 valuable horses. Included 4 valuable shire horses including 2 pedigree shire mares Fordy Girl and Alverchurch Flinty from T F Hooley Esq Dry Drayton.

Cambridge Daily News - Thursday 26 February 1920 p4 - horse sale

Cambridge Horse sale. In class 1 the first prize of £15 for best cart mare or gelding was won by a black cart gelding, Turpin, from Mr T F Hooley of Dry Drayton, who also took the second prize with a similar gelding, Captain. The horses being sold for £151 and £149 respectively.

Cambridge Independent Press - Friday 5 March 1920 p12 Postmaster's Funeral
Dry Drayton Funeral. The interment took place on Saturday of Mr Walker, postmaster of Dry Drayton, who died aged 82 on Tuesday, February 24th. He had been postmaster since 1880 when he succeeded his wife's grandmother, Mrs Markham, who was the first postmistress, appointed under the Penny Post Act of Rowland Hill. Mr Walker was one of the oldest inhabitants and belonged to almost the oldest family in the place and knew the village when it was quite different to what it is now. He could tell of the very hard times that it has gone through on several occasions. Mr Walker's wife died just before Christmas. He was universally respected and will be missed by a wide circle of friends and neighbours. The mourners at the funeral were: Mr Alfred Walker, Miss Walker, Miss Alice Walker, Mr Frederick Harold Walker, Mrs Martin and Mrs Silk (daughters) Mrs F.H.Walker, Mr Alfred Webster (nephew), Mrs White (niece), Miss Irene Martin (grandchild) and Mr Driver. Beautiful wreaths were sent by the family, Fred and Parry, grandchildren, George and Walter Will and Lizzie and Mr and Mrs T F Hooley, the Rectory, Messrs Joan and Molly Frohock, Miss Mendham and Mrs Ted Huddlestone.

Cambridge Daily News - Monday 8 March 1920 p4. County Licensing.
The transfer of the Three Horse Shoes, Dry Drayton, from F J Thompson to George John Proctor was granted.

Cambridge Daily News - Wednesday 10 March 1920 p2 Cottages for sale
House sale on 20th March 1920 included: Dry Drayton, four freehold cottages with a range of outbuildings all with gardens situated in the High Street, let to Messrs Watts and Radford, two in hand, sellers Messrs Scruby and Gray.

Cambridge Daily News - Thursday 11 March 1920 Capt Burns
Report on the Royal Investiture by Prince Albert at the Cambridge Guildhall
Among Members of the British Empire: Capt. E. J. Burns. Royal Artillery (Dry Drayton).

Cambridge Independent Press - Friday 2 April 1920 p3 Prize-winning pigs
Important sale of pure bred large black pigs at Dry Drayton. from Mr T F Hooley's noted prize winning herd which was established in 1907 .


Saffron Walden Weekly News - Friday 9 April 1920 p12 Cricket
Dry Drayton - Cricket. A cricket match was recently played between married and single and ended in a win for the single team. The Dry Drayton Cricket team is open for fixtures.

Evening Mail - Friday 16 April 1920 p8 Record pigs
At the sale at Dry Drayton yesterday of Mr Hooley's large black pigs a record price of 700 gns was obtained for a sow 12 months old. Other good prices which were fetched were 600gns 460gns and 400gns. The total for the sale was £10,066 and the average price per pig £122 15s.

Cambridge Independent Press - Friday 7 May 1920 p11 Cricket
KINGSTON v. DRY DRAYTON. A very pleasant match was placed at Kingston on Saturday, and resulted in an easy win for the homesters. For Kingston W.Rayner and J. Lindsay did well with the bat. making 26 and 23 respectively. S. Chapman with the ball was successful accomplishing the “hat trick.” Scores Kingston 76 Dry Drayton 31

Cambridge Daily News - Friday 4 June 1920 p4 Cricket

Boxworth v Dry Drayton cricket match Boxworth 53, Dry Drayton 23

Cambridge Independent Press - Friday 11 June 1920 p11 Cricket
Cricket, Friendly match Dry Drayton v Lolworth. Dry Drayton 45 Lolworth 38

Cambridge Daily News - Monday 21 June 1920 p4 bike without lights
Cambs Divisional Bench. Lighting offences. For riding a bicycle without lights at Dry Drayton on June 7th at 11.30pm Herbert Green of Dry Drayton. Fined 2s6d. Case proved by Pc Gutteridge

Cambridge Daily News - Friday 25 June 1920 p4 Drainage
Rural District Council... agreed to draw the attention of the County Drainage Committee to the state of a brook at Dry Drayton leading to Catch Hall, which should have immediate attention.

Cambridge Daily News - Saturday 26 June 1920 p3 Theft of grass

Report of case of Louisa Missen charged with stealing grass from a field at Dry Drayton for her rabbit. Convicted and fined 7s6d

Cambridge Independent Press - Friday 9 July 1920 p11. Cricket
Cricket - Dry Drayton (56) v Caldecote (81)

Cambridge Daily News - Wednesday 14 July 1920 p1B A E Buttress, deceased
Notice to claimants against the estate of Bernard Alan Edmund Buttress, farmer, of Dry Drayton, deceased.

Saffron Walden Weekly News - Friday 20 January 1922 p3 Entertainment
CHILDERLEY GATE Entertainment— On Jan 12th a most successful entertainment was given in chapel by the Band of Hope. There was a very good attendance. The programme was as follows: Recitations, Daisy Melbourne and Francis Chandler, quartette Mr Hobbs Mrs Skeet Mrs Webb and Mrs Kester, recitation R Melbourne, dialogue Mr and Mrs B Webb and Miss Kester, recitation Miss Green, solo Miss F Iceland. A Christmas Cantata entitled “Old Father Christmas” was beautifully rendered by ten of the children with Mr Skeet as Father Christmas. A pleasing feature was the Christmas tree, from which every member of the Band of Hope received a small present, also oranges. Mr Hobbs presided over the meeting and Miss Green played the harmonium. A collection was taken and the Doxology brought a most enjoyable evening to a close. On Tuesday the entertainment was repeated at Dry Drayton Chapel to a good number of friends.

Bedfordshire Times and Independent - Friday 17 March 1922 p12 Cambridgeshire Hounds Friday 24 March meeting at Dry Drayton at 12 o'clock.

Saffron Walden Weekly News - Friday 12 May 1922 p12 abandoned furniture
If furniture, left at the Prince of Wales name Anable 1916 is not removed and storage paid within seven days it will be disposed of.

Saffron Walden Weekly News - Friday 30 June 1922 p5 Cambs Divisional bench

Reginald Charles Harper of Dry Drayton was charged with a serious offence in a public highway at Longstanton with intent to insult a certain female. Case dismissed.

Saffron Walden Weekly News - Friday 27 October 1922 p16 smallholdings
DRY DRAYTON Parish Council Protests. At a meeting of Drayton Council Parish Council held in the Schoolroom on October 20th the following resolution was adopted: "That Dry Drayton Parish Council enters its emphatic protest against the decision the the County Council to take no further action to secure land in Dry Drayton for smallholdings and further expresses the opinion that the County Council should use its powers under the Small Holdings Act and land resettlement scheme to obtain land for small holdings in the said parish"


Saffron Walden Weekly News - Friday 17 November 1922 p12 Funeral

Record of details of the funeral of Arthur Wheeler, Scotland Farm Cottages, formerly a carrier and grocer.


Saffron Walden Weekly News - Friday 22 December 1922 p16 Entertainment

A successful whist drive was held in the schoolroom for the benefit of Mr F Sewell who had been unable to follow his occupation due to a long illness. Made £6.9.0. for Mr Sewell.

Saffron Walden Weekly News - Friday 02 February 1923 p3 Smallholdings
DRY DRAYTON AND SMALL HOLDINGS (letter to the Editor) Sir Will you please allow me through your columns to point out inaccuracies made by Councillor Webb in answering Mr Stubbs concerning land at Dry Drayton? He says that certain men have been offered land in Dry Drayton by the County Council. As Mr Webb seems to know, will he tell me through your columns which of the applicants have been offered land by the Council, and also when, where, and in what form and by what official the offer was made. Some time ago I asked Mr Few the same questions through your columns as he had also said we had been offered land, but I received no reply. As for Ald Tebbutt saying that Mr Stubbs’ statement is all nonsense I should like to inform him that we applied for land as far back as September 1919 and so far I am the only one who has been given any and that the worst they could find in the parish. I was given 28 acres out of the 50 for which I applied, and I have been told both verbally and in writing that I should get the other 22 but when I don’t know, although I have been 37 times to the County Hall to find out.

I may add that applications were sent to the County Council by the Chairman the Parish Council together with a letter stating that the college were quite willing we should have the land but only through the County Council. The tenant was present at the meeting when the letter was read and he said he was willing to let us have the land. Why then are the Council holding the matter up? There are 177 acres applied for, which the County Council are aware of and the Council have applications for 22 acres, which no doubt will in due course be sent to the County Council. A resolution by the Parish Council condemning the attitude of the Small Holdings Committee regarding land in this parish has also been sent to the County Council.

May I remind Mr Tebbutt that there is document bearing the King’s signature which says that all those who fought for their country can have a piece of land in the country as a stake in the country for which they fought. All that we are asking for is for the County Council to carry out the laws. If are not to have land let us told so, and let us have no more inaccuracies. Yours etc D WATTS Dry Drayton Cambs January 30th 1923


Saffron Walden Weekly News - Friday 2 February 1923 p16 Entertainment
Daniel's Band - a large congregation was present at a special service held in the Primitive Methodist Chapel on the 24th ult, to listen to Daniels Band led by Mr B J Coggle of Cambridge. The organ was presided over by Mr H Neal of Oakington. Refreshments were provided during the evening.

Stamford Mercury - Friday 9 February 1923 p9 Cambridgeshire Hunt
Cambridgeshire Hunt meeting Dry Drayton on 9 Feb at 11.

Saffron Walden Weekly News - Friday 9 February 1923 p12. Entertainment

Whist drive with 14 tables held in the village in aid of the village cricket club. A W Frohock MC for the evening.

Aberdeen Press and Journal - Monday 26 February 1923 page 2 Poetry
Article on Cambridge Poets. Mentioned F H Kendon (Frank Kendon) and one of his pieces entitled "Dry Drayton This April"
Was this from his "Poems and Sonnets" published in 1924?

Saffron Walden Weekly News - Friday 13 April 1923 p12 Entertainment
DRY DRAYTON A Successful Evening - A social organised by Misses H K and M Johnson was held in the school on the 4th inst. An enjoyable programme was drawn up which included songs by Mr Scambler Mr A Beaumont Swavesey). three scenes from David Copperfield and a short sketch entitled “A Quiet Morning". The school children also gave some very pretty Morris dances, the music for which was played by Mrs Thoms and Miss H Johnson. The proceeds which amounted to £6 10s 7d were given to the fund for the redecoration of the parish church


Saffron Walden Weekly News - Friday 20 April 1923 p9 Ecclesiastic management
A commission has been appointed by the Bishop of Ely to inquire and report on the desireability of uniting the benefices of Madingley and Dry Drayton. It would appear that a shortage of clergy was the driving force behind this. A long report, most of the arguments were against uniting.

Saffron Walden Weekly News - Friday 20 April 1923 p9 Entertainment
DRY DRAYTON Women’s Institute A successful social evening was held at the school on Friday, singing and dancing being kept up until 11 o’clock. the programme included a pianoforte duet by Miss Reeve Mrs Parkinson, songs by Mrs Parkinson, Miss Sandford, Messrs Myhill, Radford, Melsher, Impey and Harper, a sketch by the girl pupils of the school and a dance by the Misses Frohock. After all expenses had been defrayed, the sum of £5 14s was paid to the fund for the purchase of a hut. The refreshments were given by friends in the village.

Saffron Walden Weekly News - Friday 8 June 1923 p9 cycle theft

John Quinn of Farm Cottages Dry Drayton painter charged with stealing a cycle from Mesrs Eaden Lilley, Cambridge. Case adjourned. Saffron Walden Weekly News - Friday 15 June 1923 p5 convicted and bound over to keep the peace for 12 months.

Saffron Walden Weekly News - Friday 22 June 1923 p12 Fete

DRY DRAYTON A Garden Fete will be held in the grounds of Mr Frohock at Dry Drayton on Friday July 6th in aid of the Village Institute Dancing on the Lawn, Sports Competitions, etc Commencing at 6 o'clock Admission 1 shilling. Egg Collection - school children recently collected 305 eggs for Addenbrooke’s Hospital. Scholastic Success - Ada Hobbs a pupil of Dry Drayton School has received a diploma from the “Daily Graphic” as a result of the recent competition for a scholarship.

Saffron Walden Weekly News - Friday 20 July 1923 p1 Puppies for sale
For sale three well bred black cocker spaniel puppies sire Capt Flint KCSB, 51 BB S Thompson High Street, Dry Drayton.

Saffron Walden Weekly News - Friday 28 September 1923 P16 Library
Public Library. A branch of the County Library has been established in Dry Drayton and books can now be obtained free by all residents over 14 years of age . Intending borrowers should make application to the hon local librarian, Mr Archer, at the school.

Saffron Walden Weekly News - Friday 5 October 1923 p6 Carting accident
An unusual accident occurred at Dry Drayton yesterday (Thursday) morning resulting in the death of a horse and injuries to a lad of 16, It appears that two horses and carts belonging to Mr A W Frohock were being driven along the road one behind the other. A strong wind was blowing and the driver of the first was suddenly startled to see a large branch of a tree about to fall on to his horse and just managed to get clear, but the driver of the second horse, Frederick Ingle, a labourer in the employ of Mr Frohock, was not so fortunate. He was unable to get out of the way in time and the unfortunate horse sustained the full force of the falling branch and was killed. Ingle was also hit by part of the branch and he was seen to be rather seriously injured and he was immediately taken to Addenbrooke's Hospital where it was found that he was suffering very badly from shock. The back of his head was also injured but it is impossible yet to state to what extent.

Saffron Walden Weekly News - Friday 23 November 1923 p16 Presentation

Miss M Mattinson was presented with a Swann self filling fountain pen by the children and staff at the school on the occasion of her leaving the school. A local whist drive made £4 8s for the Village Institute Committee.

Saffron Walden Weekly News - Friday 25 January 1924 p3 Entertainment

Whist drive and dance held at Dry Drayton made £5 for the piano fund.

Saffron Walden Weekly News - Friday 1 February 1924 p6 Womens' Institute
First Annual Meeting of the Womens Institute held in the Village Institute at Dry Drayton Mrs Frohock presiding, Miss Reeve Treasurer, Sec Mrs Archer. Committee for 1924: President Mrs V Searle, Vice President Mrs Frohock, Treasurer Mrs Reeve, Secretary Mrs Archer.

Saffron Walden Weekly News - Friday 14 March 1924 p16 Entertainment
Whist drive and dance at the Village Institute made £5 0s 10d for the Piano Fund,

Saffron Walden Weekly News - Friday 4 April 1924 p6 Telegraph
Notice from Postmaster General that telegraph line will be erected along the Dry Drayton to Madingley Road from High Street Dry Drayton to New Lane Madingley.

Saffron Walden Weekly News - Friday 11 July 1924 p1 Buggy for sale
For sale buggy suit 12 1/2 hands, also flat cart snd set of harness for pony. Cheap, no further use, apply Blackett, Dry Drayton.

Saffron Walden Weekly News - Friday 25 July 1924 p16. Charity

The annual house to house collection in aid of Addenbrookes Hospital made in the village recently by Mrs Frohock amounted to £2 3s 4d, slightly more than last year.

Saffron Walden Weekly News - Friday 29 August 1924 p8. Accidental injury

While Fred Ingle 16 of Dry Drayton, a farm labourer, was using a cutting knife on a hay stack at Dry Drayton on Monday afternoon, he lost his footing and slipped. He fell to the ground and the knife cut him severelly across the right side of the face. The unfortunate youth was conveyed to Addenbrooke's Hospital where he was admitted at 5.15 and detained.

Saffron Walden Weekly News - Friday 14 November 1924 p8 Smallholdings

Cambs County Council. SMALL HOLDINGS WANTED IN DRY DRAYTON Councillor Stubbs called attention to a minute of the Agricultural Committee with regard to the provision of allotments in the parishes of Fordham, Hardwick, Milton, Soham and Dry Drayton and said he understood that it was small holdings and not allotments that were required, There was great difficulty in securing land in Dry Drayton for this purpose. Was there a clause in the Act whereby an applicant could get more than 50 acres for a small holding? Ald Jackson said the minute should read “small holdings” and not “allotments" The committee were going over to Dry Drayton very shortly to interview applicants.

Saffron Walden Weekly News - Friday 21 November 1924 p6 Entertainment
Whist drive and dance made £3.3.2. for the Institute funds.

Saffron Walden Weekly News - Friday 20 February 1925 p11 Entertainment
MEETING AND CONCERT AT DRY DRAYTON On Saturday evening there was a crowded attendance at the schoolroom presided over by Mr C Mooring on the occasion of the first public gathering of the recently formed branch of the Cambs Conservative and Unionist Association. The Member Capt R G Briscoe attended and gave a comprehensive speech. He opened by thanking those who had assisted the cause and himself at the last election and expressed his regret that he had failed to reach Dry Drayton when billed to do so during the contest. He referred to some of the things which the present Government hoped to achieve and said that the pledge that there would be no tax on food would be strictly kept. He also dealt with the question of Imperial Preference and Housing and concluded by saying that he hoped that all constituents, irrespective of party or creed, who had any grievance in which they thought he could be of assistance would not hesitate to communicate with him and he would do his best. An address was also given by Mr W W Light (the County Agent) who warned the audience against of dangers of Socialism particularly in its effort to attract the young. An excellent programme of music was provoded by Miss Irene Blunt, Miss Roberts and messrs T Radford, C Barlow, T Gooding, F Matthews, W Moule, C Stubbings and W W Light, Mr S Jones being on the piano.


Saffron Walden Weekly News - Friday 10 April 1925 p2 Estate of Mr W C Impey
Advertisement - sale of furniture by Catling and Son, at Park View Dry Drayton - estate of Mr W C Impey deceased. Sale on 17 April 1925.

Saffron Walden Weekly News - Friday 10 April 1925 p12 Smallholdings
DRY DRAYTON Smallholdings Mr W Pratt Garden Cottage Dry Drayton writes: “In reference to land for smallholdings at Dry Drayton I should like to point out through your columns that Ald Few’s statement about awaiting a reply from the Parish Council is incorrect, as a letter was sent to the County Council on November 5th last year duly acknowledged by them on November 7th. At a meeting in the same months the applicants were promised an interview with members of the County Council at Dry Drayton when the land would viewed. Further I myself have been an approved applicant since 1922 and have repeatedly written to inquire what steps were being taken to secure land for smallholdings, but so far no attempt has been made by the Council to make any further progress in the matter” We have also received communication from T Melsher of Dry Drayton, an ex-service man who served 3 years and 11 months in France. After referring to Ald Few’s statement at the County Council meeting he says “I do think it is time something was done to meet the requirements of those who have applied for land in the village during the last few years. At general elections and County Council elections candidates promised to look after the interests of ex-service men in regard to smallholdings but so far their promises have not been fulfilled".

Saffron Walden Weekly News - Friday 24 April 1925 p3 Sale of former Chapel
A brick, Stud and Thatched freehold cottage situate in Chapel Lane with stabling, lodge and old cottage adjoining, brick built and slated building, formerly used as the Baptist Chapel, orchard, enclosed paddock and a field of productive arable land in rear, the whole measuring 3a 1r 37p which Messrs Catling and Son have received instructions of the administrator of the estate of W C Impey deceased to sell by auction at the Lion Hotel Cambridge during the ensuing month. Further particulars in due course of the auctioneers 6 St Andrews St.

Western Morning News - Tuesday 22 September 1925 p4 Death of formenr rector

Report of the death of Rev FAW Hamilton Gell, former Rector of Dry Drayton.

Saffron Walden Weekly News - Friday 13 November 1925 p13. County Council.

Cllr Garratt moved the reference back to of a minute of the Agricultural Committee relative to the provision of land for small holdings at Dry Drayton, stating that thew applicants had been waiting for six years for small holdings and all they were now offered was a 14 acre field. In the discussion that followed Ald Frohock said Dry Drayton was the most undesireable parish for small holdings that he knew of in the whole county and Cllr EO Fordham declared that the committee had done all they could to find a solution of the problem.

Saffron Walden Weekly News - Friday 19 February 1926 p14 recovering cottage from former employee
Application to County Court by Dry Drayton farmer Arthur William Frohock for order to repossess his farm labourers cottege from Charles Thompson farm labourer and former employee. Possession given in two months.


Saffron Walden Weekly News - Friday 26 February 1926 p3 Labour Party
Labour Party. At the annual meeting of the Dry Drayton Labour Party held on Wednesday week Mr Reginald Rivers was re-elected as hon treasurer and Mr David Watts as hon secretary. In response to a circular from the Secretary of the County Party it was agreed to nominate Mr A G Rivers for the office of Trustee and Mr S Huddlestone for the Executive Committee of the Divisional Party. It was decided to hold a concert and dance towards the end of March at which Mr Garratt would be asked to speak.

Saffron Walden Weekly News - Friday 5 March 1926 p16 Entertainment
Fancy dress dance in aid of Addenbrookes Hospital raised £7 15s.

Gloucester Citizen - Monday 21 June 1926 p6 Recovered property

While searching a hedgerow for a lost ball, village schoolboys of Dry Drayton, near Cambridge, found £13 in gold and £6 in silver, which the police believe are the proceeds of a robbery at Dry Drayton 30 years ago.

Saffron Walden Weekly News - Friday 25 June 1926 Cricket
Dry Drayton beat Elsworth at Elsworth 31 to 28 runs.

Saffron Walden Weekly News - Friday 2 July 1926 cricket
Dry Drayton lost to Lolworth at Lolworth.43 to 40 runs

Saffron Walden Weekly News - Friday 2 July 1926 p8 Jazz Band
Advertisement for the Lolworth, Boxworth and Childerley Horticultural Show and Sports at Lolworth Grange 28 July 1926. Among the listed attractions was the Dry Drayton Jazz Band

Saffron Walden Weekly News - Friday 16 July 1926 p6 animal cruelty
Cambs Divisional Court, Joseph Driver of Grove Farm Dry Drayton was summoned for causing unnecessary suffering to two dogs - fined £5 and costs

Saffron Walden Weekly News - Friday1 October 1926 p12. Stone throwing

Dry Drayton youth Arnold Thompson bound over for throwing stones at the property of Clarence Mooring a Dry Drayton Grocer.

Saffron Walden Weekly News - Friday 26 November 1926 p4 contaminated food

Sanitary Committee of the Rural District Council had received an anonymous letter complaining of contaminated foodstuff being sold from a van in Dry Drayton. Left to their Inspecor to make enquiries.

Saffron Walden Weekly News - Friday 14 January 1927 p1 Vacancy
Employment - Educational - Morning governess, first lessons, Mrs Hooley, Dry Drayton.

Stamford Mercury - Friday 18 February 1927 p9. Advertising

Advertisement for Vitamealo, pig feed and vitamins, includes a letter of resounding endorsement from T F Hooley, Dry Drayton

Saffron Walden Weekly News - Friday 25 February 1927 p16 Labour Party
DRY DRAYTON Labour Party— The annual meeting of the Dry Drayton Labour Party, one the oldest in the county, was held at the “Black Horse” on Wednesday. Mr M Pease (Girton) and Mr Sidney Dye (county agent) were present. Mr A G Rivers presided, After a discussion on the work of the party, the retiring officers and committee were re-elected with the exception of the secretary, Mr R Rivers being elected to that office.

Derbyshire Advertiser and Journal - Friday 11 March 1927 Funeral
Long report on the funeral of Mr Terah Hooley at Risley Parish Church.

Saffron Walden Weekly News - Friday 6 May 1927 p14 Cricket

Dry Drayton beat Elswoorth at Dry Drayton, 117:48

Saffron Walden Weekly News - Friday 13 May 1927 p14 cricket

Boxworth beat Dry Drayton

Saffron Walden Weekly News - Friday 27 May 1927 p16 Entertainment
Report on a concert at the Village Institute by students of Ridley Hall, £4.5.9d made towards the parish church organ fund, then standing at £64.10s.

Saffron Walden Weekly News - Friday 1 July 1927 p15 Workers' Union
Report on meeting of the County Labourv Party. The Dry Drayton branch of the Workers' Union was accepted for affiliation.

Saffron Walden Weekly News - Friday 21 October 1927 p16 W.I.

The monthly meeting of the Womens Institute was held on October 13th. Mrs Hooley (president) rpresiding over a fair attendance of members. Miss Watkins gave an interesting talk on "How the home can help the schools" which was much apprciated. The hostesses were Mrs T Huddlestone and Mrs J Doggett.

Saffron Walden Weekly News - Friday 28 October 1927 p15 Cycling

A successful season. Review of Cambridge Town and County Cycling Club's Programme
A new member from Dry Drayton, T Marsh, also performed conspicuously at all distances, his 50 miles’ time being the fastest of the season, and his first attempt at 100 miles bringing him within 2 1/2 minutes of the club record. Encouraged by these times Marsh entered the 12 hours’ race and succeeded in beating the club record 3 7/8 miles His rides were all carried out on steel wheels and roadster tyres as opposed to the wood rims and racing tyres of the other competitors.

Saffron Walden Weekly News - Friday 20 January 1928 p14 Fire
Fire at Dry Drayton Shepherd’s Hut Burnt Out on Huntingdon Road. A living van which had been used as a shepherd’s hut, which belonged to Mr Arthur William Frohock of Dry Drayton, was burnt out at Radical Buildings on the Huntingdon road on Sunday. The hut was seen to be on fire at about seven o’clock in the evening. There had been a fire in the hut during the afternoon and it is believed that this was the cause of the outbreak.

Saffron Walden Weekly News - Friday 13 April 1928 p2 Farm to let
Farms to let from Michaelmas 2028, Cambridgeshire. The Rectory Farm Fry Drayton. Good mixed farm fronting hard road close to village. About 8 miles from Cambridge, comprising 293 acres of arable 85 acres grass, farm house and 2 sets of buildings in thorough repair.

Saffron Walden Weekly News - Friday 29 June 1928 p2 House sale advert.

J Winship 4 Regent St Cambridge.
Selection of properties for sale. £625 Dry Drayton house and shop.

Saffron Walden Weekly News - Friday 31 August 1928 p12. Outing

Report of an outing for the members of the Caldecote, Kingston and Dry Drayton branches of the Womens' Conservative Association by Ortona bus to Clayhythe for a river trip, tea and community singing.

Saffron Walden Weekly News - Friday 26 October 1928 p13 Cycling
Review of Cambridge Town and County Cycling Club's Programme T Marsh of Dry Drayton again won a number of races, incl 12 hour race clocking up 203 1/2 miles.

Saffron Walden Weekly News - Friday 10 May 1929 p7 Theft of coat
Report of the case in the Cambs Divisional Police Court of a young miner from Co Durham stealing an overcoat from a granery in Dry Drayton. Bertram Ingle, a Dry Drayton farm labourer, was the owner of the coat.


Saffron Walden Weekly News - Friday 17 May 1929 p11 District Nursing
Cambs County Nursing Association. Report on their plan to have a nurse for every village.
A new scheme involved Coton and Madingley taking on Dry Drayton, Lolworth and Hardwick and a nurse with a small car being able to cover the whole group of villages. Applications to be made to the County Council for additional funding.


Saffron Walden Weekly News - Friday 21 June 1929 p13 Death of Rector
DEATH OF REV R WINKFIELD Thirty-Five Years Rector Dry Drayton BURIAL AT ELY
The death occurred on Friday last of the Rev Richard Winkfield for nearly 35 years Rector of Dry Drayton. He was in his 93rd year and though for a few years had been forced by failing health to retire from active work in the parish, his faculties, sight and hearing were unimpaired to the end. His passing will be a source of deep regret to the village.
He was educated at Radley and Corpus Christi College Cambridge. He was Senior Optime in 1859 and an MA of the University in 1863. Ordained in 1861, three years later he was appointed headmaster of St Paul’s School Stony Stratford, one of the best known at that date of the smaller public schools. In 1870 he became headmaster of King’s School Ely where he remained until 1894. From 1874 to 1894 he was vicar of Chettisham In 1894 he was appointed to the living of Dry Drayton an appointment which he held until his death. Mr Winkfield was a keen athlete in his younger days and rowed both for his school and college. He was also a cricketer of more than ordinary merit. Even after he had been able to take an active part in sport he encouraged it in the village. The fine lawn at the Rectory was thrown open in the evenings to the village as a tennis court and the Rector took considerable pleasure in watching the young people play. One of the old school of country clergymen, he lived at the Rectory in considerable state and was perhaps the last of his type. In politics he was a staunch Conservative. He took great interest in local affairs and for many years was chairman of the Dry Drayton Parish Council, his connection with it dating almost to its inception. His interest in education was life-long. The school at Dry Drayton which was only half its present size upon his arrival, now stands comparison with any school in the county and this is largely due to his efforts. A great lover of children, his Christmas and Ascension Day treats long looked forward to in the village were not confined to children attending the Parish Church but embraced all denominations. His intellectual interests were wide but he was above all things a lover of the Classics and a lover of nature. In his last years it was his custom to go daily to several fine trees which he possessed and it was on one of these visits that the fall occurred which brought on his end. THE FUNERAL was described in great detail, including a list of attending mourners.


Lynn Advertiser - Friday 23 August 1929 p6 church notes
The Rev Richard Winkfield of the Rectory Dry Drayton Cambridge, formerly headmaster of the King's School Ely, left £9854 with net personalty £7756.

Bucks Herald - Friday 13 September 1929 p12 Headmaster promoted

Haddenham. Scholastic Appointment. From a large number of applications for the post of Headmaster at the CE Schools, the managers have appointed Mr John E Lawton BA of Manchester University who at present is headmaster of the Church Schools at Dry Drayton Cambridgeshire. Mr Lawton has had considerable experience in Church Schools.

Saffron Walden Weekly News - Friday 27 September 1929 p2. Farm sale

Notice of farms to let by Bidwell and Sons, Cambridge - includes, by direction of Trinity College Cambridge, The College Farm Dry Drayton 186 Acres.

Sheffield Independent - Saturday 12 October 1929 p4 Bungalow for sale
Cambs. Freehold corrugated iron bungalow, 4 rooms with garden: £225. Apply E Haggar, Highfields, Dry Drayton, Cambs.


Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer - Wednesday 16 October 1929 p4 Church notes
Church Notes. The Rev AEJ Ross, Rector of St Giles, Lane Cove, Sydney, Australia, has been nominated to the Rectory of Dry Drayton Cambridge. Patrons the Harrogate College Ltd.

Biggleswade Chronicle - Friday 20 December 1929 p2 Hunting
Cambridgeshire Hounds meeting at Dry Drayton Friday 27 December.

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