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Dry Drayton in the 1790s - local news items from Cambridge Newspapers.


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Cambridge Chronicle 9 April 1791 Page 2 Windmill of Mr William Lee broken into

Whereas the windmill belonging to William Lee of Dry Drayton was on Saturday night last, or early Sunday morning, broke into, and a quantity of flour stole thereout. This is to give notice that whoever will apprehend the offender or offenders for that he or they may be brought to justice, shall on conviction receive a reward of two guineas, from William Lee of Drayton aforesaid. (Where was this?)


Cambridge Chronicle 7th May 1791 Page 2 Sale of farm stock, household goods, Mary Rust.

To be sold be auction by Robert Bunyan. On the premises, on Thursday the 12th Day of May 1791, a few lots of household goods, and all the live and dead farming stock, and other effects as Mrs Mary Rust at Dry Drayton (Mrs Rust retiring from business) (Where was this?) consisting of bed steads and flock beds, several good brewing tubs and dairy vessels &c corn screen, fans, bushels, sieves, corn drags, forks and sacks, cart and plough sheers compleat for six horses, five ploughs with their tackle, pair of strong 5 beamed harrows, pair of 4 beamed do. long roller with frame, an exceeding good 6 inch wheeled market cart and two narrow wheeled dung carts, part of a rick of very good meadow hay about 12 ton.

Live stock are three new milched cows, two do. foreward in calf, young sow and seven pigs, two strong bony black colts, 3 years old, handsome black coaching gelding 4 years old, a very good grey gelding rising five, and an useful strong black rig horse 4 years old; 40 young ewes and 40 lambs, 28 wether and ewe hoggets, 2guess ewes and 2 rams.

To be viewed on the Wednesday before the date which will begin at 10 o'clock in the morning.

Catalogues may be had at the White Horse Inn St Ives; Crown Inn Caxton; Eagle and Child Inn Cambridge; place of sale; and the auctioneer, at Royston, Herts.


Cambridge Chronicle 16th July 1791 Page 3 Stolen from Black Horse - Bay Horse.

Stolen out of the stable of Francis Chapman, the Black Horse, at Dry Drayton, in the county of Cambridge on Monday night the 4th or early on Tuesday morning the 5th instant, July, a bright bay horse, with bridle and saddle, near 14 hands 3 inches high about 8 years old fired on the near foot before, his near eye rather blemished and carries his tail awry; a small blaze on the forehead, has a small splint with a feather in his neck, chapped with the collar and is useful in drawing. Supposed to be stolen by William Wilson, carpenter a Leicestershire man, who worked last at Elsworth. Whoever will bring or give information of the said horse, to Isaac Beesley at the Crane Cambridge, so as he may be had again, shall receive one guinea reward, and all reasonable charges.


Cambridge Chronicle 31st March 1792 Page 3 Sale - furniture, agricultural implements, Henry Savill.

To be sold by auction by John Swan on Tuesday and Wednesday the 3rd and 4th day of April 1792;

all the household furniture, brewing and dairy utensils, implements in husbandry, capital horses, cows, sheep, hogs etc of Mr Henry Savill of Dry Drayton, near Cambridge retiring from business. (Where was this?)

Household furniture consists of mahogany chairs, tables, beds, and bedding, clock etc, large copper, small do, iron casks and dairy requisites.

Stock, 7 fine horses, 12 cows, 37 couples, 80 wethers, 60 hoggetts, 4 rams, 10 hogs, 3 carts, 1 waggon, plows, harrows and horse harness.

The whole to be viewed on Monday preceding the sale, which will begin at 10 o'clock; the livestock will be sold on Wednesday. Catalogues to be had at the place of sale; George Fenstanton; and of John Swan, auctioneer, Cambridge.

To be sold by auction. On Friday the 16th day of November inst at the sign of the Black Horse, in Dry Drayton in the said county, between the hours of 10 and 12 of the forenoon of the same day. All that copyhold cottage or tenement being divided into two tenement, most delightfully situated in the fields of Dry Drayton, with an orchard and other appurtenances, in the occupation of John Macer and another.

Also half an acre of arable land to the said messuage or tenement belonging in the occupation of Mr Francis Chapman.

For further particulars enquire of Mr Haggerston attorney at law, Jesus Lane, Cambridge.


Cambridge Chronicle 10th August 1793 Page 3 Inquest Geo Carter, hanged himself - lunacy.

On Friday last an inquisition was taken before Thomas Bullen, gent, His Majesty's Coroner for this county, on view of the body of George Carter of Dry Drayton, who had hung himself. Several of the jury having divided on the question of felo de se or lunacy; they, at length, after being locked up in church for several hours, returned a verdict of lunacy.


Cambridge Chronicle 10th August 1793 Page 3 Death of Mr Phypers.

On Sunday last died, Mr Phypers, an eminent farmer of Dry Drayton in this county.


Cambridge Chronicle 28th December 1793 Page 2 Sale of estate.

To be sold by auction by John Moody. On Saturday the 18th day of January 1794 at the Black Bear Inn, in Cambridge, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon subject to such conditions of sale as shall be then produced.

An estate, situate at Dry Drayton, now in the occupation of Mr Hipwell, or his under-tenants, in the following lots.

Lot 1 comprising of copyhold messuage or tenement, with a yard and convenient out-buildings thereto belonging; an orchard and home close adjoining, containing by estimation four acres (more or less); and right of common for two cows and four sheep, in and upon the commons of Dry Drayton.

Lot 2 comprising 15 acres (more or less) of copyhold arable land, three acres and a half (more or less) of freehold arable land; two leys of sword land, and right of common for ten sheep in the aforesaid commons.

For further particulars apply Samuel Johnson, Attorney at law, St Ives, Huntingdonshire.


Cambridge Chronicle 11th April 1795 Page 2 Sale four farms

Capital farms near Cambridge (Where was this?) to be sold by auction in lots.

At the Black Bull Inn, Cambridge, some time in May next, (unless disposed of in the meantime by private contract). Several freehold farms.

A farm at Dry Drayton in the occupation of William Fisk at the yearly rent of £73.10s.0d.

A farm at do. in the occupation of John Sadler at the yearly rent of £160.0s.0d.

A farm at do. in the occupation of Eleanor Phyphers at the yearly rent of £150.0s.0d.

A farm at do. in the occupation of William Hipwell, at the yearly rent of £100.0s.0d

A farm at do. in the occupation of the widow Rust, at the yearly rent of £73.10s.0d

Twenty-two acres (more or less) of pasture and common field land in Dry Drayton, in the occupation of F.Chapman and John Bell.

A close called Grass Grove, a spinney known by the name of the Lord's Spinney, and a small spinney in Dry Drayton Fields containing together about 5 acres of which immediate possession may be had.

A piece of land containing about 2 acres on which a windmill is erected, in the occupation of William Lee.

Also four cottages in Dry Drayton.

Any person desirous of purchasing all or any of the above premises by private contract, may send to John Gotobed Esq, Norfolk Street, London, proposals in writing, containing an offer of the price they will give.


Cambridge Chronicle 28th November 1795 Page 3 Sale - farm stock etc J.Sadler

To be sold by auction, on the premises, (under a bill of sale) on Thursday the 3rd Day of December 1795, by Thomas Smith.

The farming stock, corn thrashed and unthrashed, and household furniture of Mr John Sadler, at Dry Drayton in Cambridgeshire. Comprising 11 cows in calf, 7 horses, 11 pigs, 9 shoats, a sow in pig, a wagon, 4 dung carts, a market cart, ploughs, harrows, horse harness and other husbandry implements, dairy and brewing utensils; a rick of about 25 tons of hay, two ricks.


Cambridge Intelligencer, Saturday 6 August 1796 p3 Sale of crops

To be sold by auction by Thomas Smith, at Mr Chapman's the sign of the Black Horse at Dry Drayton, near Cambridge, in Cambridgeshire on Tuesday 9th August 1796 at three o'clock in the afternoon, all the crop of corn standing on the lands in the occupation of Mr John Sadler, at Dry Drayton aforesaid (Where was this?), containing sixty two acres of wheat, forty acres of barley and ninety seven and a half acres of oats. Particulars may be had of the auctioneer in the Petty Cury, Cambridge


Cambridge Chronicle 20th August 1796 Page 2. sale messuages, Stamford and Fordham.

To be sold by private contract, all the copyhold messuage or tenement, situate at Dry Drayton in the said county and now divided into two tenements, in the occupation of Stamford and Fordham; with barn, garden, and close of pasture thereto adjoining, containing by estimation, one acre, more or less, together with three acres of arable land, lying dispersed in the common fields and bounds of Dry Drayton aforesaid.

Also 16 acres and a half, more or less, of arable land, lying dispersed in the several fields and bounds of Dry Drayton; all premises are now in the occupation of Robert Lee, or his undertenants.

For further particulars apply to Messrs Haggerston and son, attorneys at law, Jesus Lane, Cambridge.


Cambridge Intelligencer - Saturday 03 September 1796 p3 Death of William Hipwell

On Friday 26th ult died, at Dry Drayton in this County, aged 51 years, much lamented, Mr William Hipwell, a reputable farmer of that place. He died in consequence of a wound he received from a cutting knife, on the Saturday preceding, occasioned by a ladder slipping on which he stood to cut some hay for his cattle.


Cambridge Chronicle 11th February 1797 Page 3 Sam Harris thrown from wagon and crushed.

Yesterday afternoon, Samuel Harris, of Dry Drayton, who had been at Cambridge for a load of turf, was thrown from the shafts of the wagon near Drayton Mill, and the wheel going over him, crushed him to death.


Cambridge Intelligencer Saturday 31 March 1798 p3. Horse stealing

Report on Thetford Assizes. The following prisoners were capitally convicted and received sentence of death: Peter Browne for stealing a brown mare the property of Mr William Fiske of Dry Drayton, Cambridgeshire. Browne was later reprieved.


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