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Dry Drayton in the 1780s - local news items from Cambridge Newspapers.



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Cambridge Chronicle 12 October 1782 P2 Farm Occupier William Hipwell.

To be sold, a farm, at Dry Drayton in the county of Cambridge, copyhold of the Manors of Coventry and Crowland; consisting of messuage or tenement, with a dove house, barns, stable, and other necessary buildings with three classes of pasture, and 132 Acres (more or less) of arable land and leys, with a sheep course and folding, in the fields and bounds of Dry Drayton aforesaid. Also all that Freehold Messuage or tenement, with outhouses, barn, stable, yards and appurtenances, in Dry Drayton with a close of pasture adjoining, containing by estimation 2A, all which premises are now in the occupation of William Hipwell. (Where was this?)


Cambridge Chronicle 19th October 1782 sale new smock windmill occupied by William Burton

To be sold at Dry Drayton and entered upon immediately; a new built smock corn windmill with two pairs of French stones and two dressing mills, all exceedingly good and will grind and dress 100 load a week or more if required; being situated in the centre of nine or ten towns, very near it so as to do much business and near the turnpike road leading from Cambridge to St Ives and Huntingdon, now occupied by Wm Burton. For further particulars enquire of Joshua Hipwell, of Fenstanton Huntingdonshire.


Cambridge Chronicle 6th December 1783 P2 Sale - occupier Hipwell

To be sold by private contract, a valuable estate at Dry Drayton in the County of Cambridge, consisting of a dwelling house, large yard, barns, stables, a new built dovehouse and other conveniences suitable to a capital farm, together with about 190 acres of arable pasture and ley ground, and a right of sheep walk to the same; it is copyhold and pays £2 18s per annum.

Also a freehold dwelling house with barns, stables, yard and orchard; containing by estimation 2 acres near adjoining the first mentioned premises. The whole in the occupation of Mr Hipwell, tenant at will, at 70L per annum. For further particulars please to enquire of Thomas Smith upholder at Cambridge.


Cambridge Chronicle 13th March 1784 Page 2 Sale - newly erected smock windmill

To be sold by auction, on Tuesday the 23rd of March inst at the public house known by the sign of the Three Horse Shoes, in Dry Drayton (Where was this?) in the county of Cambridge, between the hours of three and five in the afternoon, subject to such conditions as will be then and there produced.

All that newly erected smock windmill, situate at Dry Drayton (Where was this?), near the Huntingdon turnpike road; and all the gears, fixtures and appurtenances with the same used and thereto belonging; together with 1 acre and 3R and 35 poles of arable land, on part whereof the said mill is built, as the same were late in the occupation of William Burton. This estate is held by lease for 40 years from Lady Day 1779, subject to the reserved annual rent of twenty shillings. For further particulars enquire of Mr White, Attorney at Law, Cambridge.

Cambridge Chronicle 27th March 1784 Page 3 Sale of Farm Implements

To be sold by auction, on Tuesday and Wednesday the 20th and 21st of April 1784, at the Manor House at Dry Drayton (Where was this?) in the county of Cambridge, late in the occupation of Mr Robert Brasher deceased;

Two core of fine old hay, all the livestock and implements of husbandry; also the household furniture dairy and brewing utensils. The livestock consists of 7 waggon horses, 7 cows, a bull, a heifer, two yearlings, 2 sows in pig, a yealt, 13 pigs. among the implements in husbandry are 10 ploughs, 4 dung carts, a narrow wheel wagon with iron axle trees, harrows, rolls, horses harnesses, horse and plough gears of every kind, with almost every other necessary implement of husbandry. The household furniture is neat and good; the dairy and brewhouse well stored with conveniences.

The first day's sale will be of the livestock and utensils in husbandry, and the cores of hay and part of the furniture. The second day's sale - the remainder.

The particulars may be viewed on the Saturday and Monday preceding the sale; when catalogues may be had at the George Inn, Fenstanton; the Crown Inns at Huntingdon, St Ives and Caxton, at the place of the sale and of Thomas Smith upholder Cambridge.


Cambridge Chronicle 17th April 1784 Page 3 Sale of flock of sheep.

Mr Robert Brasher's sale at Dry Drayton on Tuesday next, immediately after the sale by auction of the livestock mentioned in the catalogue, the flock of sheep belonging to the farm will be sold in lots. It consists of 90 couples, 30 weathers, 30 hoggets and five rams.


Oxford Journal - Saturday 26 February 1785 p1 Rectory
Great Seal dispensations: - To the Rev Samuel Smith of the Vicarage of Walpole St Andrew in the County of Norfolk together with the Rectory of Dry Drayton in the County of Cambridge and diocese of Ely.


Cambridge Chronicle 15th October 1785 Sale of Butcher's Shop

To be sold and entered upon at Lady Day next at Dry Drayton.

All that house, barn, stable, and a large butcher's shop, well situated for a butcher, being within five miles of Cambridge, and two acres of good pasture ground adjoining the Cam, with right of common in the open fields, which premises were of late in the occupation of John Rust deceased. (Where was this?) for further particulars enquire of Mr Arnold Miller at Swavesey.


Cambridge Chronicle 1 November 1788 Page 3 sale of farm

To be sold a most desirable farm, situate at Dry Drayton, in the County of Cambridge in the occupation of Edward Binge. (Where was this?)

Containing 205 acres (more or less) of arable ley and pasture ground with right of common for five score and eleven sheep (and foldage) and twelve or more cows, with all the complete and necessary erections thereto belonging.

Also two tenements and two closes of pasture ground in the occupation of Henry Moody, John Cundell and Francis Chapman.

The dwelling house and barns have been recently rebuilt, and the other buildings in good repair. The premises are copyhold of the Manor of Crowland. Any person who is desirous of purchasing this estate will be treated with for the same, by applying to Tho Smith, upholder, Cambridge.


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