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A14 Improvements

Traffic in the village has been adversely for the last two years by the major improvements to the A14 road. Works on the Dry Drayton / Oakington A14 Bridge are currently causing hold-ups. The opening of the new local road from Huntingdon Road Cambridge to the new Five Bells Roundabout has caused delays entering and leaving the village most early evenings. Work on the A14 will continue to affect the village until at least 2020.

Community Speedwatch

We are delighted that Community Speedwatch, re-introduced in 2018, is helping to address issues of speeding through the village.

Dry Drayton Traffic Calming -

The latest traffic calming measures were introduced in the village from June to October 2004.

Features included -

Despite huge expenditure, there are still places in the village where cars seem to travel at the same speed, although speed has been reduced close to the obstacles which have been introduced. The flashing speed warning signs need fine tuning, some seem to flash at cars doing more than 25mph, while others are either not working or are triggered at some impossibly high speed.

The two new roundabouts and closure of the end of Park Lane have been obvious successes in making the place feel safer.

New roundabout

The new cycleway to avoid the roundabout at the top of the High Street is a great improvement for cyclists.

cycleway sign

The gated entrances to the village and new signing at Scotland Farm also appear to be improvements, but the gated entrance at the Hardwick side of Scotland Farm was demolished by a vehicle before there was any winter fog or ice.

Scotland  Farm gateway
[now you see one]

smashed gate
[now you don't]

The raised junction at the entrance to the school and pub helps slow traffic.

box junction
[hardly a ripple at the raised junction]


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A428 Caxton Common to Hardwick Improvement

A £79m contract (including the Great Barford Bypass) was let to Nuttalls - work commenced 2005/6 financial year to last 2 years. The A428 Caxton Common to Hardwick opened to traffic on Thursday 24 May 2007, ahead of schedule.

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Traffic Update

Highways England Traffic Information - current roadworks and delays on major roads

News and information on Roads from Cambridgeshire County Council


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Cycling Around Dry Drayton

You've got out the old bike, dusted it off, oiled it, pumped up the tyres - where to go.....


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Horse Riders in Dry Drayton

Riding is a popular activity in Dry Drayton. We can all get a bit impatient when we encounter a couple of horses and riders side-by-side on one of the village roads. It is worth remembering what the highway code requires of drivers in relation to this hazard:

Horse riders.


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Careful Drivers are welcome in Dry Drayton

But why does everybody keep crashing into the road furniture here?


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