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Dry Drayton Church of England Primary School - The Little Owl



Pre-school and after-school club


Little Owl Pre-School meets on five mornings each week in the Little Owl Room adjacent to the Infant classroom.


There is also an outside area with play equipment exclusively for use by the Pre-school group.


During the Summer Term there are weekly visits to the Infant classroom for children due to make the transition to the reception class in September.


At 3.15 p.m. Little Owl becomes the base for the After School Club which runs every evening. You can find out all about the Little Owl After School and Holiday Club here.


Although Little Owl operates separately from the School all of us liaise closely, work together and enjoy our close contact with each other.


Additionally the School organises a variety of After School Activity Clubs based on demand. Clubs operating have included football (run by Cambridge United Football Club), clarinet, guitars, French, chess , media and gym. Children who stay for Clubs After School make a contribution towards costs.



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To Contact the School - Dry Drayton Primary School, Park Street, Dry Drayton, Cambridge, CB3 8DA. Tel. 01954 780618, Fax 01954 780618.

Email: office@drydrayton.cambs.sch.uk