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Dry Drayton Reading Circle

Dry Drayton Reading Circle – 12 years old and inviting new members


The Dry Drayton Reading Circle had its first meeting in January 2003 and, ten years on, it is still going strong.  We now have a couple of vacancies in our membership.  If you enjoy reading a variety of books, and exchanging views about them, this is the opportunity for you to join a friendly group of local people. 


Many existing members joined at the beginning and they greatly value the monthly meetings and the stimulus it gives to their reading and thinking.  One member says ‘In the Reading Circle we often choose books I wouldn’t have thought of reading, but I find that I really enjoy them’.  Another comments ‘It is great to be able to put forward my views on a book as part of a stimulating discussion with friends, new and old.’  A third highlights the fact that ‘By coming to the Reading Circle I get new ideas for books that I might read from what others report that they have enjoyed.’ 


Over the ten years, we have read more than 80 specific books, ranging from best seller novels like The da Vinci Code to classic travel writing such as A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush, and from modern autobiographies to 19th century novels by Dickens and Hardy.  The books that we have read over the past couple of years include the following:


Members (varying between 6 and 10 in number) have met once a month from September to June on a Wednesday evening at 63 Pettitts Lane.  The books we read are chosen by members voting from a list to which everyone adds their suggestions.  As well as a discussion on the ‘book of the month’, the evening includes members’ comments on other books they have been reading, and coffee and cakes to sustain our energy levels.


Tuesday 3rd March 2015 Choice between J Hogg "Private Memoires and Confessions of a justified Sinner", Wordsworth Classics 2003 and C Achebe "Things Fall Apart" Penguin 2010

Tuesday 31st March A de Botton "How Proust Can Change Your Life" Picador 2006

Tuesday 28th April C Bailey "Black Diamonds" Penguin 2008

Tuesday 26th May AN Wilson "Betjeman", Arrow 2007

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