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Dry Drayton Planning Issues


In 2015 the District Council and Parish Council effectively lost control of planning issues in Dry Drayton.


Formerly, South Cambs District Council had a Development Plan, with policies, honed over many years, concerning such issues as the protection of the Green Belt, the containment of development within established village envelopes and prevention of coalescence of individual rural communities. Dry Drayton had its own development plan which set out a village envelope outside which development was generally not permitted. In 2014 Planning Inspectors, in a case at Waterbeach, held that there was insufficient provision for housing in South Cambs over the next 5 years to meet Government targets and therefore detailed policies in the Development Plan were no longer applicable. It's now apparently open-house for developers in Dry Drayton.


First past the post has been Scamblers' Orchard Development. A site outside the established village envelope, encroaching on the narrow separation between Bar Hill and Dry Drayton, where planning permission had been refused on a number of previous occasions. 17 local objections were made. Dry Drayton Parish Council sat on the fence and made no recommendation to planners, resolving to neither approve ro refuse the application. Outline planning permission was granted by South Cambs DC on 4th November 2015 for six houses.


Next an outline planning application S/2623/15 under similar circumstances - in this case development of a single dwelling outside the village envelope - according to the Parish Council minutes, the Parish Council objected to this one. Another application for the same site, S/2944/15, was approved by both the Parish Council and South Cambs.


Rumours locally suggest that a number of land owners are considering applications for development of other sites in the village which would not have been supported under the previous and now apparently defunct Village Plan.


To keep track of future development in the village, you can view planning applications by visiting this page on the South Cambs web site http://plan.scambs.gov.uk/swiftlg/apas/run/wphappcriteria.display and enter "Dry Drayton" in the "Parish" field.


We will try to keep you up to date here on all current Dry Drayton planning applications, - you can follow these individually on the South Cambs site using the link above and adding the Planning Reference Number in the table below.


This link will take you to details of your elected local councillors should you wish to contact them about planning issues, and this link is to the Dry Drayton Parish Council website. You can see the story unfolding yourself by visiting the Parish Council Meetings; they are open to the public and you will be given a moment or two to make your representations before the meeting starts.


If you want to refer to the Dry Drayton Village plan showing the apparently-now-abandoned village envelope and green belt, a copy is here


Relevent Planning applications for Dry Drayton


Planning Number Date Application For
S/1497/15/OL 11/6/15 Outline Planning Permission for 6 houses at the bottom of Pettitts Close - Although outside the village envelope, the Parish Council was neither for nor against the application. Granted by South Cambs
S/2623/15/OL 14/10/15 Outline permission for a house behind a current property on Scotland Road - Parish Council refused the application on the grounds that the dwelling was outside the village envelope and out of keeping with the village.
S/2416/15/FL 11/9/15 Application to pull down outbuildings and build a house in Park Street - refused by Parish Council
S/2944/15/RM   Scotland Rd - house behind existing property approved
no formal application yet Jan 2016 Site visit by Parish Council to look at the site of a proposed residential development and play area at View Farm, Park Lane. – Cllrs attended and indicated they would not support the application.