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Local information and messages concerning the Pandemic.


Fron Cllr Lynda Harford 21.10.20



We are all aware that nationally numbers of cases are rising again and hospital admissions are also seeing an increase. This is a link to the most recent Covid-19 data that I have received for Cambridgeshire: https://bit.ly/3dC2y2S

The figures for South Cambridgeshire, whilst rising, remain lower than the national average and certainly much lower than in some of the areas of the country which are as a consequence, now experiencing much greater restrictions. This makes it all the more necessary that we all remember the basics that we have had instilled into us from the start, now neatly summarised by the government as “Hands - Face - Space”.

Flu Vaccination

Please can I urge everyone who is eligible, to have a flu jab this year and to encourage others to do so. A lot more people are eligible this year but we have been advised that there is no shortage of vaccine.

I have also been made aware that some parents are concerned that if their child develops a high temperature after having the vaccine, they won t know whether or not to isolate and book a test for Covid-19. The nasal spray flu vaccine can cause a mild fever which should respond to paracetamol. This symptom does though make it difficult to distinguish from Covid. The important thing is the timing. If it occurs soon after the vaccination, it is more likely to be due to the vaccine. Giving a child the flu vaccine can mean that the family is less likely to get flu so less likely to need testing/self-isolation. There is a lot of helpful information at: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/vaccinations/child-flu-vaccine/

Take care. Stay safe.
Lynda Harford
Cambridgeshire County Councillor
lyndaharford@icloud.com; 01954 251775/07889 131022; follow me on Twitter: @2whit2whoo


From Cllr Tom Bygott 21.10.20


National Test and Trace Support scheme
Residents receiving certain benefits can now apply for a new Test & Trace self-isolation support payment of £500 if they lose income as a result of not being able to work.
The Government recently announced the new payment, aimed at helping make up for any lost income people face due to having to stay at home and self-isolate, and tasked local authorities to have this in place by 12 October, with payments backdated to 28 September.
To be eligible for the self-isolation support payment you must meet all the following criteria:

An NHS Test & Trace ID number, bank statement, and proof of employment or self-assessment returns will need to be provided. Payment is sent within three working days.
Applications can be made at: 
More information can be found at: 


Cllr Tom Bygott 
07765 475 513