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Dry Drayton Crime and the Neighbourhood Watch


DRY DRAYTON Neighbourhood Watch team needs 2 volunteers to watch over the HIGH STREET.

With cuts to our police force there is an ever increasing need for the community to ‘do their bit’, and keep the threat of crime away. We need your eyes and ears to keep Dry Drayton safe, and help your neighbours to feel that if they have worries there is a team of people on hand to assist...... If you are interested in helping this worthwhile scheme for an informal chat please contact:
 Graham Carver (Neighbourhood Watch) on 01954 781806 or 0795 8448983


List of Dry Drayton Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinators


Latest Village Crime Information from the Cambridgeshire Constabulary and elsewhere


Here we will put stuff from the Police and elsewhere of interest to Dry Drayton Folks. We will leave previous incidents posted to give a view on the level of crime and anti-social behavious here.

To contact E-Cops e-mail cambourne.npt@cambs.pnn.police.uk


PX Farms - another Burglary 5-6th May 2015, saddles, bridles, quad bike etc stolen overnight. Details on the Blog of James S Peck Nuffield Scholar


Scotland Road - suspicious incident - 1/8/2014

Circulated by E-cops on 2/8/2014 - on 1st of August just after mid night, there was a report of two suspicions men seen in Scotland Road, Dry Drayton. These men were hanging around one of the farm lorries. When spoken to by members of the farm staff, both men ran off. There was evidence of hand prints on the lorry.


Heating Oil Thefts - 26 Nov 2013

E-Cops are warning that there have been a lot of local thefts of heating oil in South Cambs villages - most recently in Ellsworth and Rampton - they have put out this advice on protecting your heating oil.


Burglary in the High Street

Not apparently publicly circulated, but there was a NW alert during the week of 11th November 2013 about a recent day time burglary at a house in the High Street, Dry Drayton (Scotland Road end).


Burglary 21st  October

At 20:00 hrs police received a report of business burglary in Dry Drayton Industries, Scotland Road, Dry Drayton. Two Perpetrators gained entry by force in one of the business units and took a quantity of plants.

Diesel Thefts 11th May 2013

2500 litres of diesel stolen From PX Farms



Burglary and Theft 5th /6th May

Notified on the blog of James S Peck Nuffield Scholar - theft of quad bike and burglary of office at Scotland Farm overnight of Sunday 5th - Monday 6th May 2013 - according to the blog there has been a crime at the farm every week this year - http://jamespeckpxfarms.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/quad-bike-has-been-stolen.html


Posted 2nd May by E-Cops

Between 24th April, at 14:45 hours and 25th April at 08:00, a shed was forced open in Southern Wood, Scotland Road, Dry Drayton. At times and dates stated unknown person/s have forced entry into the garden shed and taken a lawnmower within.


Posted 20th April 2013

Over the periods of the 13/04/2013--14/04/2013 and the 18/04/2013--19/04/2013 unknown offenders have stolen two gas banger (bird scarers) from a farm in Dry Drayton. Investigation still ongoing.

Posted 11th April 2013

Received from PCSO Mani on 11th April 2013 - On 2nd April, between 21:37hrs and 22:28hrs, an arson incident took place in an Industrial Unit 4, Scotland Road, Dry Drayton. Front wooden door to the unit was forced open by unknown persons. Whilst persons were inside the building, a fire was started; a witness has seen two males run from the location. Fire Brigade took fire under control and state that it was a deliberate ignition.


Posted 16th March 2013

Last Saturday, 9th March 2013, two candlesticks were taken from the Church. Food was also taken from the foodbank where tins and everyday staples were being collected over Lent for distribution at Easter. The police have been informed. Did you see anything unusual at or near the Church? If so, please let the Police know.


One of the stolen candlesticks - have you seen them?


The church will remain locked for the near future, so visitors wishing to see inside should contact the churchwardens or the key-holders (See the village newsletter, where there is a locking rota published alongside the service times).

Notified to us on 13th March 2013:

There have been two crime reports of theft of fuel related in Scotland Farm House, Dry Drayton. Unknown offender/s have gained entry to the farm yard by removing wooden fence panels and stolen a large amount of diesel from the lorry tanks.

Another burglary Received from PCSO Mani on 5th March 2013

"Between 01/12/2012 00:00 - 21/02/2013 08:19 there was a report of burglary in a dwelling with intent to commit offence in Park Street, Dry Drayton.  During the stated dates and times, jewellery has been removed from the property. No signs of anybody entering the property or forced entry. Nothing else has been taken and no signs of anything being disturbed."


Diesel thefts Rushed to us by PCSO Carly Freed, South Cambs Business Watch, at 5pm on Monday 4th February:


A white lorry with red curtains was seen being driven away from BP Garage Childerley Gate, St Neots Road, Dry Drayton, between 11pm and midnight on Friday (25th of January 2013). Four people were seen to lift the manhole covers and steal 20,000 litres of diesel. Detective Sergeant Sarah Gaylor, investigating, said: "I would appeal to anyone who saw this vehicle in the area on the night the theft happened to call police. We're checking CCTV and carrying out local enquiries but someone may have seen this lorry drive away." Anyone with any information should call DS Gaylor on 101, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.


Update - another £6400 worth of diesel was allegedly stolen after this from PX Farms - see the Blog of James S Peck Nuffield Scholar.

Another burglary in the village notified by E-Cops on 31/1/2013

Between 7.15pm and 7.40pm on the 16th January 2013 unknown suspects have gained entry to Dry Drayton Primary School, forcing entry to the school via the main front doors using an unknown implement. A tidy search of the premises has been conducted and no items appear to have been moved or taken. Suspects have then left in an unknown direction via unknown means.


Earlier Burglaries

On Wednesday 19th December, a house burglary took place in Old Rectory Drive, Dry Drayton. Entry was gained into the property through the bathroom window by unknown offender/s, a search was carried out as jewellery was found all over the place , is unknown what has been taken at this time. Circulated 20/12/12


Between the 04/12/2012 and the 05/12/2012 unknown offenders have entered the feed room, on a stable site in Scotland Road, Dry Drayton. A quantity of feed was taken.


More burglaries in the village - On 29th September between 10:30 and 21:10 a burglary in a dwelling took place in Cottons Field, Dry Drayton. Between stated times unknown suspects have gained entry to the location by forcing open a rear, ground floor UPVC window using an unknown implement. Once inside an untidy search has been conducted of all rooms. Various items such jewellery and digital camera have been taken.


ConsumerHub Blog is a new site by Cambridgeshire CAB contains latest warnings on local scams - you can subscribe to receive their latest warnings by e-mail.



Observational Skills for Neighbourhood Watch Members

This link will take you to an excellent piece of advice from expert Ellis Weinberger, about how NW members can develop their observational skills


Cambridgeshire Constabulary have now launched a dedicated phone number for people with communication difficulties. The police enhancement access line (PEAL) is available 24 hours a day for non-emergency calls for anyone who has a communication difficulty. Those wanting to use the system must register first to ensure their details are already in the system.  They will then be given the dedicated number which allow them to contact specially trained call taker. The scheme can be used for all non-emergency calls.  In the event of an emergency people should always call 999. For more information about the scheme contact the police service centre on 0345 456 456 4 or visit the force website – www.cambs.police.uk.


E-COPS and other ways of getting local crime information


Join e-cops, an e-mail newsletter scheme from Cambridgeshire Constabulary which keeps you informed of local crime information, community news and policing activities in your neighbourhood. A regular e-mail bulletin from your Neighbourhood Policing Team tells you what is happening in your area.


This link www.police.uk will take you to the place where you can access information on crime in the area. This information is updated monthly and information on Dry Drayton is aggregated with that from Bar Hill, so the information is of little local value.


Another site on policing in South Cambridgeshire is http://southcambscops.org/

This link will take you to some helpful advice from the local police on what to do to protect your house from burglary if you are going away from home.


This link will take you to information based on a warning from e-cops about bogus callers and distraction burglars.

Don't rely on others, if you suspect it, report it. Confidential Anti-Terrorist Hotline - 0800 789 321
Please do not hesitate to ring 999 if you suspect a crime is in progress.

For all other police issues phone 101


Dry Drayton Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinators - Advising and Watching

Responsibility Co-ordinator Telephone
Dry Drayton Village Co-ordinator Graham Carver 781806
Scotland Road and Old Rectory Drive Phillip Clegg 789780
Park Lane, View Farm Close, The Maples Kate Smith 789216
High Street East 26-48, West 1-41 and Searles Meadow Vacancy  
Pettitts Lane and Bakers Field Fred Northrop 789525
Pettitts Close Graham Carver 781806
Cottons Field and 2,4,6 High Street, Oak Crescent Howard Russell 780897
Park Street

Phillip Stephenson

Donald Hefferon



High St East 50-62, West 45-59 Trevor Carter 780649
Oakington Road 12-42 Jim Ryan 782185
Hill View and Oakington Road 84-128 Brian and Marian Carlton 781431


Police and Crime Commissioner


Elected Police and Crime Commissioner since May 2016

Jason has lived in Cambridgeshire all his life, growing up in Bar Hill and Dry Drayton

Jason Ablewhite.


Address: South Cambridgeshire Hall, Cambourne Business Park , Cambourne, Cambridge, CB23 6EA

Tel: 0300 333 3456
E-Mail: cambs-pcc@cambs.pnn.police.uk