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Dry Drayton Village Newsletter


Dry Drayton Newsletter cover June 2019

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Back Copies of the Newsletter - an archive




Back copies of the Newsletter


There is a superb local studies library collection in the Lion Yard Library, Cambridge, called The Cambridgeshire Collection. This is the ideal place to research anything connected with Cambridgeshire history.

Among the most interesting sources of of information for current and future historians are contemporary newspapers, magazines and newsletters. We have in the past deposited copies of the Dry Drayton Village Newsletter in the Cambridgeshire Collection, but sadly there is far from a complete run of them.

The Newsletter was started in February 1975 by Peter Cornwall, the then headmaster of the Village School. In the first issue, an A5 sized production, Peter said, prophetically,

"This is the first of what I hope will be many Newsletters. It is a Newsletter for the School, but also has items of interest for the community at large and I hope that it is developed further so that the village organisations will consider it as a means of communication"

Over 400 issues later and it is living up to that expectation.

The Cambridgeshire Collection has a bound volume of the first 47 issues of the newsletter, and a box file with an incomplete later run. Cambridgeshire Collection staff have offered to have later copies bound if we can make up the run. A project was launched via the Newsletter in January 2003 listing the missing copies and asking people in the village to search their attics, garages and garden sheds for them. Thanks to the generosity of John Hacker, Mrs Hamit, Pam Ducker, Mr and Mrs Johnston and David Wyatt, over 140 old copies of the Newsletter were found and deposited. However, 6 back copies have yet to be found. The missing issues are: Nos 108, 111, 112, 113, 114 and 142.

If you have any copies for the Cambridgeshire Collection, you can drop them into the Cambridge Central Library in the Lion Yard or phone Les Waters on 01954 781036 and he will pick them up and take them in for you.