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Little Owl After School & Holiday Club (Dry Drayton) - Information 2003/2004


Address and contact details


Admission policy

Some do's and don'ts

What can I do at the Club

Unacceptable behaviour

Club procedure for dealing with unacceptable behaviour

Complaints Procedure



Little Owl Club Weekly Timetable

Little Owl Club Planned Activities

Download a complete information pack in Word format

Download a booking form in Word format


Contact Details


Little Owl After School & Holiday Club

Dry Drayton Primary School,

Dry Drayton,

Cambridge. CB3 8DA
Tel: 07762 917878
EMAIL: littleowlclub@tiscali.co.uk


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The Club aims to provide after school care and activities in a safe and secure environment for children from the age of 3. Reception children are collected from the classroom while juniors make their own way into the Little Owl room at 3.15pm. Any children who are not met by a parent/guardian but, are registered with the Club will automatically be brought into the Club.


The children can take part in a variety of games and activities or they can just unwind, relax or play as they wish. A light snack of fruit, biscuits and juice is provided on arrival.


The children are constantly supervised by experienced staff. All our staff have had appropriate Social Services and Police checks carried out, and there are ongoing training courses, to enhance the experience of all staff members.


Below is a copy of our Positive Behaviour Policy. You may wish to talk this through with your child before (s)he starts at the Club. You will also see our Complaints procedure and our list of "Do's and Don'ts", which we hope will contribute to the safe, smooth running of our Club and make it a happy environment for everyone.


Please feel free to discuss any queries that you may have with either Terry Downes, Club Leader or Helen Hall, Play worker on 07762 917878 between the hours of 8.45am and 6.00pm.


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Admission policy


All children from the ages of 3 years from Dry Drayton School and the surrounding area are welcome to join the club.

Admission is subject to a yearly registration form, which can be found at the back of the information pack. One form per child, not family, MUST be completed.

In order to comply with Ofsted Standards and our insurance policy, the limit of children is set at a ratio of: 1 Adult to 8 children between 3 and 8 years, to a total maximum of 24 children.

Should our numbers increase beyond the recommended ratio then a waiting list would be brought into operation.

Such a waiting list will be administered on a first come first served basis, but a priority list could be called into operation. The criteria for such would be;



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Some Do's and Don'ts


1. To register your child you must complete a registration form before your child attends.

2. You will be charged per term for affiliated clubs, for example Music, Languages etc. whether attended or cancelled as our own commitment is per term. You will be charged for booked Little Owl sessions unless 24 hours notice is received.

3. You must give written notice at the end of term to cancel affiliated club commitment.

4. Fees are to be paid at the end of each session or within seven days of receipt of the invoice. Sessions run from 3.15pm to 5.00pm for a fee of £ .

5. If your child will not be attending a booked session due to illness, holiday etc. please leave a message with the school office or in the Little Owl room. Alternatively you can call Terry on 07762 917878. This is to avoid your child being thought of as missing.

6. A designated person must collect your child. Notice must be given if someone different will be collecting your child. Additionally, a disclaimer must be completed and signed if you wish you child to return home unaccompanied.

7. If a child is not collected at 5.00pm there will be additional charges of £5.00 per family per 15 minutes.

8. If your child requires emergency medical attention and the parent/guardian can not be contacted immediately then your child will be taken directly to Hospital, unless you advise us in writing to the contrary.

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What can I do at my after school club?

Variety of indoor games - giant chess or draughts

Play station and T.V. & Video

Snooker and pool

Board games - too many to name

Lego and Knex

Play mobile

Arts and crafts


Music - guitar, piano, violin, viola, cello, double bass and recorder

Garage, cars and floor road map

Quiet corner to relax and read

Outdoor games - football, short tennis, kwik cricket

Dolls, prams and play kitchen

Let's pretend dressing-up clothes

CD player

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Unacceptable behaviour


Whilst we think it is very important to highlight the positive, we also believe we must state very clearly what is totally unacceptable.

To ensure the well-being and enjoyment of everyone at the Club, we have decided that the following behaviour is unacceptable.

1. Physical violence towards either children in the club or members of staff;
2. Threatening behaviour;
3. Deliberate disobedience;
4. Discrimination - racist or otherwise;
5. Deliberate destruction of property;


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The Club procedure for dealing with unacceptable behaviour

Of course, most misdemeanours will be dealt with on the spot, with a reminder of our agreed code of conduct (the school charter). If the behaviour persists or is of a more serious nature, the club may decide that the following procedure should be adopted.

1. A calm and clear explanation will be given of why the behaviour is unacceptable;
2. Any incident considered as unacceptable will be discussed with the child's parent /carer in order to seek a way forward; and a record will be kept in the child's records in the form of an incident sheet.
3. If no progress is made or there is a recurrence of the behaviour, other options will be considered, including exclusion from the Club.

Our aim in compiling this policy is to ensure a secure, happy environment in which your child can enjoy the range of after school activities we offer.


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Complaints Procedure


The Little Owl club aims to provide a high quality service, which is efficient and accessible to all parents and children.

From time to time, a parent or child may feel that they have a complaint against some aspect of the club or an individual member of staff. Usually it is possible to sort out any problems as may occur, but if this is not the case then the following formal procedure should be followed.

1. Put your complaint in writing to the club Leader with full details of your complaint. Alternatively, if the complaint is against the leader, then this should go directly to the club Chairperson.
2. We will acknowledge your complaint as soon as possible and fully investigate both sides of the matter within fourteen working days. If there is any delay we will advise you, in writing. We will keep you informed and give you a full written reply.

Individual members of staff have the right to reply to any complaint at any stage.

The reply you receive will be sent to the member of staff concerned, along with any recommendations of action to be taken, and the matter will be reported at the next committee meeting.

If you feel either the committee or Leader has not dealt with your complaint satisfactorily then you should then contact OFSTED directly.

If you wish to view any or all of our policies, they will be made available to you by a member of staff, but must be viewed on the premises.


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Parents using the Club need to sign an agreement to all of the above. You can download a complete information pack in word format here



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