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This is the start of our history pages. If you are interested in an overall history of Dry Drayton, there are two publications you need to find. These are: Gallows Piece to Bee Garden, a Millennium History of Dry Drayton, Dry Drayton 2000, 2000, and the much rarer History and Natural History of the Parish of Dry Drayton by Rev F.A.Walker, 1876.


The Victoria County History is now available online. This link takes you to Vol 9 for Cambridgeshire and this link will take you to the introductory material on the history of Dry Drayton, from which you can access the other articles on the village.


Unique Material On This Site


We will be bringing you some original material here in due course in the form of the Dry Drayton Chronicle, a transcript of items about the village taken from the local press during the 18th and 19th Centuries. We are extremely grateful to Jo Hobbs for transcribing all this material in 1983 from the Cambridge Chronicle and to Chris Jakes and the staff of the Cambridgeshire Collection for further copying. Transposing this again to this web site will be a long and tedious occupation. If you would like to assist with any of the keying of the material or in any further historical research, then please contact the webmaster.


We will also be bringing you some samples of oral history material collected and recorded by Alec Hawkes. We are open to other ideas, submissions etc - please e-mail webmaster@drydrayton.net


Local Family History Material


This link will take you to pages relating to the history of families with local Dry Drayton connections.


Other Resources


Those interested in researching the history of our place will want to use the following collections and organisations: