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Development Around Dry Drayton


Dry Drayton Parish is in an area of Cambridgeshire that is blessed with considerable development in the near future.


Along the A428 Road to the West of the Parish, the East of England Plan proposes 2,500 more homes to an already expanded Cambourne.


Meanwhile proposals for a new community called Northstowe, unashamedly a new town, are pressing ahead. Details of this develoment can be seen on the developer's website for the place. Already, before it is built, the East of Englan Plan has this new town growing from the planned 8000 homes by another 2000 homes.


Northstowe is linked to the Guided Busway which runs on the roads from Huntingdon to St Ives, then along the route of the old Cambridge to St Ives railway line and onto the roads again in Cambridge. This was built allegedly to relieve the traffic problems on the A14 road but seems to have become one of the reasons for building a new settlement at Northstowe.


A14 improvements are also progressing. In the short term roadworks along the Histon Girton section cause daily hold-ups on the A14 from Dry Drayton to Cambridge. Longer term the Dry Drayton interchange is likely to disappear with access from the village back towards the Girton Interchange.


The University of Cambridge is developing a massive new site to the North West of Cambridge between Huntingdon and Madingley Roads.


Where will all this development leave Dry Drayton? Cambourne is sufficiently far away for us not to have been greatly affected by its construction, especially since the A428 has been improved, although those using the A428 can testify to increased traffic flows. Try driving into Cambridge at around 8 am and you will find so much traffic that the road from Madingley to the foot of Madingley Hill behind the American Cemetary has become a rat run for those wanting to avoid the static traffic coming down the Madingley Hill.


The combined effest of all of the above is likely to have adverse effects on local traffic.


Another idea, which could easily add over £1000 to the cost of living in Dry Drayton if you happen to work in Cambridge, is the proposed Cambridge conjestion charge. You can read the about this wonderful scheme here.


Please e-mail the webmaster if you have further information on development proposals - or want to open the debate further.