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Gallows Piece to Bee Garden - the Millennium History of Dry Drayton, soft cover, 182 pages, illustrated, produced by Dry Drayton 2000. The title refers to two little known place names at the North and South of the Parish. Chapters cover Farming, transport, leisure, law and order, the church, the school, buildings, and within living memory. The final section of the book gives a detailed account of the rich natural history of the parish, even in the present day. Illustrated throughout, this is a wonderful book to treasure and to give. There are just one or tw copies remaining for sale at £9.95 each.

A colourful and artistic Parish Map of Dry Drayton. The map shows our roads, footpaths, fields and buildings. It contains many of the half forgotten and colourful place names for parts of the Parish. It is illustrated with paintings of many of the natural history subjects and views, which can be seen around the village. A modern day masterpiece, the map is produced on a heavy duty gloss paper and is 23.5 inches by 33 inches. It looks absolutely superb when framed and never fails to draw an appreciative comment from those who see it for the first time. There is a copy on display at the Black Horse. At only £5.00 it makes the ideal gift. If you want to see a sample, there is a copy in the wall at the Black Horse.


Footpaths and Walks of Dry Drayton, by Nick Irish, 2001, Soft cover, A5 sized, 31 pages, plus fold out map of all the parish footpaths. Absolutely invaluable to anyone interested in exploring Dry Drayton and immediate surroundings on foot. Cost, just £2.00


Commemorative Golden Jubilee China Mugs with the Dry Drayton logo, 2.50 each or £10 for six.

All of the above are available from Diane Harris, Dry Drayton School and Village Association, Tel 01954 789049