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The AGM was held at the village hall on Monday 17th November 2014 starting at 18.30 hrs. The constitution was amended by deleting “and School“ from the club name. This was because the provision of any form of lesson has ceased, not because the needs are any less, but to increase playing time. The year had been successful in terms of income, controlling expenses, and a continuing improvement in playing standards from calling, defending contracts and playing declarers hand.

The end of year balance has increased to £2454 from £1862 with payments for scoring, engraving and “membership” still to be made. THE AUDITED ACCOUNTS WERE PRESENTED. A small error was raised and would be corrected after the meeting. As such the Accounts were accepted without dissent and there was no increase in charges:-  Subscriptions £10.00 /year, Members table money @2.00 and visitors @4.00. A safety net permission was agreed to agree an increase in Table Money IF there was a very unlikely need to raise funds quickly. Members may bring partners, but visiting pairs most have prior agreement.
Winners were presented with the club championship trophies which they will hold for a year. Bottles of Wine were presented to:- the Auditor Jim Ross, the Scorer Michael Clydesdale and the Refreshment and Stores Manager Margaret Cooper.
It was agreed that the Christmas party Members and special guests only would take the same form as previous years :- A bridge quiz, playing rubber scored hands Chicago style until 21.00hrs when ”Bring” Food should be shared. The club provides wine and juice.
PRIZES sweets:
small  for specified achievements [ Winning with a 2 ]
large for:  Highest Rubber Score
                Lowest  Rubber Score
                Score Aggregates nearest ZERO
                Nearest Average

The seasons greeting to members and all our readers Play started at 19.05
Play has improved over the years.  Tactics are another matter. Some bidders will nearly always bid the extra one for game. At Rubber Bridge it is very important to bid and make games, hence there is a very misguided trend to bid the extra one. Two games, best of three make a Rubber which attracts a bonus.
At Duplicate going down can be much worse as it is a negative score just to satisfy greed. There are bonuses for Games and Slams on each hand but none for Rubber. As a Rubber does not exist.

Four members of the club represent the Cambridge Thursday in the Cambs and Hunts County Bridge Association Teams of Four Knockout

Subscriptions are due and in the new year unpaid-up Members will become visitors.

This text missed the last day for publication before February so has been submitted to DryDrayton.Net

BRIAN COPPING 01 954 780993

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