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At the Dry Drayton Parish Council meeting on Tuesday 8 September 2020, Andrew Hodgson, from Pegasus Group, revealed that his firm, acting on behalf of landowners, including the Scambler family trust, would be consulting villagers over the next two weeks on benefits for the village which might be included in a scheme to develop a field in Park Street. The field, which is in the Cambridge Green Belt, lies between Warrington Farm and Long Lane, behind the village school. In addition to outline planning permission for 29 mixed sized family houses, the developers are proposing benefits for the village, which might include: a village green, natural water features, play equipment, a diverted footpath, new access and off road drop off for the school and extra land for future development of the school.


Consultation will be in the form of a leaflet drop throughout the village. Leaflets were circulated on 14 September 2020 in which the consultation period was stated as 14 Sept to 5pm 28 Sept 2020. Comments can be sent by post or e-mail to drydraytonconsultation@pegasusgroup.co.uk.


Outline planning permission will be sought immediately after the consultation exercise. The developers have also submitted this proposal in response to the Greater Cambridge Local Plan Call For Sites (closing date 26 March 2020).



Pegasus Group are here: www.pegasusgroup.co.uk/offices/cambridge/

Andrew Hodgson andrew.hodgson@pegasusgroup.co.uk

Dry Drayton Parish Council www.drydraytonpc.org.uk
Clerk to Parish Council clerk@drydraytonpc.org.uk



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