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Proposed Development 65 Pettitts Lane, Dry Drayton, Cambridge, CB23 8BT
Planning Approval No. S/4554/17/OL


(We have copied the developers traffic management plan here because the South Cambs Planning site does not make it possible to provide a direct link to the document. To see the original go to South Cambs Planning site, and in the "keyword" box, type S/0135/20/DC, then go to the "documents" tab and select "Condition 14 Traffic Management Plan")


Condition 14 - TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT PLAN 15th January 2020


This construction phase plan is prepared with relevance to condition 14 of the Approval for the scheme which states:

“No demolition or construction works shall commence on site until a traffic management plan has been agreed in writing by the Local Planning Authority
The plan should address:
(i) Movements and control of muck away lorries (all loading and unloading shall be undertaken off the adopted highway)
(ii) Contractor parking, for both phases all such parking shall be within the curtilage of the site and not on the street.
(iii) Movements and control of all deliveries (all loading and unloading shall be undertaken off the adopted public highway.
(iv) Control of dust, mud and debris, in relationship to the functioning of the adopted public highway.
(Reason -In the interest of highway safety in accordance with policy DP/3 of the Local Development Framework)"


The principal areas on concern to be addressed are as follows;












We therefore conclude the stated measures are sufficient during the construction phase of the works to minimise impact on Pettitts Lane [sic - an error that was pointed out to the planners by a number of objectors] and control the potential impact of construction related traffic movements.


It is advised that this traffic management plan is reviewed throughout the duration of all the construction phases for this scheme.