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Dry Drayton in the 1830s - local news items from the Cambridge Chronicle.


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Cambridge Chronicle 4 June 1830, P3, Building Materials of Mansion House


To be sold by auction by Elliot Smith, next Wednesday afternoon, June 9th 1830, exactly at 3 o’clock.

The principal part of the materials composing of the Mansion house, just taken down, and which will be found highly deserving the attention of persons about to build, or to make alterations; consisting of several pairs of excellent sashes and frames, numerous doors, a large quantity of framed wainscoting, several flights of wainscot stairs, chimney pieces, a large quantity of sound oak and fir scantling, excellent floor boards etc. Etc.


Catalogues may be had at the Crown St Ives; Falcon St Neots; Lamb Ely; and of Elliot Smith, Cambridge.


Cambridge Chronicle 31 December 1830 P3 Rev Smith gives poor a bullock

Last week the Rev S.Smith, Rector of Dry Drayton, with his usual liberality, gave to the poor inhabitants, a bullock. Nearly 200 bushels of coals have also been distributed to the poor of that parish out of the funds of a charity.


Cambridge Chronicle, 11 March 1831, P2 Death Rev Samuel Smith


On Friday last, in his 27th year, the Rev Samuel Smith MA, Rector of Dry Drayton, in this County, eldest son of the Dean of Christ Church, Oxford.


Cambridge Chronicle 17 August 1832 P2, Inquest on Child


An inquest was held at Dry Drayton, on Monday last, before Mr Twiss, on view of the body of Mary Ann Binge, a child about six years old, who was unfortunately run over that afternoon by two horses drawing an empty cart, and killed on the spot. No blame appeared to be attributable to the driver of the cart, the accident happening at a very abrupt corner of the road, and the poor child, who was playing with others, being bewildered by the sudden approach of the horses, ran directly in their way, and was run over before it was possible to stop them – verdict, accidental death.


Cambridge Chronicle 14 September 1832, P2. Inquest


An inquest was held on Friday at Dry Drayton, before Mr Twiss, one of the Coroners for this county, touching the death of John Willmott, of that parish, who about 6 o’clock of the morning of that day dropped down dead whilst in the act of dressing himself. The jury found that he died by the visitation of God.


Cambridge Chronicle 4 January 1833, P2, Rev Smith gives bullock to the poor.


On Friday 21st ult the Rev Dr Smith, Rector of Dry Drayton, gave a bullock to the poor of that parish, and on Monday following charitably distributed 220 bushels of coals.


Cambridge Chronicle 22 May 1835, P3, Sale – Farm-house.


To be sold by auction by Elliot Smith and Son. At the Red Lion Inn, Petty Cury, Cambridge, on Saturday 27th June 1835, at 5 o’clock in the afternoon (by direction of the Trustees to sell under the will of John Haggerston, Esq, of the Manor House, Cambridge, deceased).


In one lot all that substantial brick and tiled farm house, with barns, stables, dove house, and sundry closes of old pasture and allotments of excellent arable land (tither free), most eligibly situated for farming, very near the village, and containing by admeasurement 147A 2R 25P now in the occupation of Richard Kidman; a small portion freehold and the residue copyhold of the Manors of Coventry and Crowlands


Dry Drayton is situate within five miles of Cambridge, and within half a mile of the turnpike road leading to St Neots and Huntingdon.


Printed particulars may be had, 21 days before the sale at the Cross Keys, St Neots; George, Huntingdon; White Horse, St Ives; Lamb, Ely; Old Crown, Royston; No 16 Lower Holborn, London; of Messrs Evans, Archer and Evans Ely; and of Elliot Smith and Son, Cambridge, at whose office a plan of the estate may be seen.


Cambridge Chronicle 5 February 1836, P2 Inquest, John Desborough


An inquest was held on Saturday last at Dry Drayton, by Mr Twiss, one of the Coroners for the County, upon a poor man named John Desborough, who was found dead in a lane in that parish. He was seen alone a few minutes previously, and there were no marks on his person but occasioned by the fall. Verdict, died by the visitation of God.


Cambridge Chronicle 21 January 1837 P2, Charge of Felony on two persons named Vialls and Silk.


A singular charge of Felony was heard before the Magistrates of this Town on Thursday last, it being a complaint preferred by Mr Hall, a farmer and grazier, of Chatteris, against two persons named Vialls and Silk, of Dry Drayton, in this County for having defrauded him of twenty-seven sheep. It appeared that the parties had dealt together for about five yearsand on Monday week they had a settlement, when it turned out that a balance of 46L was due to Hall, and he told Vialls he should not sell him any more sheep until the amount was paid.


On Monday last they met at St Ives market and Hall sold Vialls the above number of sheep, but said he did not intend he should take them away without the money, but he did not repeat the former conversation about paying the balance, and shortly after the sheep were driven away: The Mayor said, he considered it a bona fide bargain, and dismissed the case.


Cambridge Chronicle 5 August 1837, P3. Sale Horse Shoes Pub.


The old established and extensive brewery of Messrs Steward, Cotton and Co together with forty eight public houses in the town and neighbouthood. To be sold by Auction by Elliot Smith and Son ad Joseph Wentworth (who are jointly employed upon this occasion) at the Eagle Inn in Cambridge, on Friday the 25th August 1837 at 10 o’clock in the forenoon.

Lot 1. The Horse Shoes, Dry Drayton, freehold with a close of pasture at the back.

Lot 2 An allotment of arable land in Dry Drayton next to the driftway leading to Longstanton.



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