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Dry Drayton in the 1770s - local news items from the Cambridge Chronicle.


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Cambridge Chronicle 12 March 1774 P2. Inquisition on the body of a 50 year old idiot.


On Monday last an inquisition was taken at Dry Drayton by Mr James Day and Mr Charles Martindale, Coroners for this county, on the body of Susannah Bently, about fifty years of age, who while living was almost an idiot. On examination by a surgeon, there appeared a large contusion on her head, and many bruises on different parts of her body. Several witnesses were examined by whose evidence it appeared that the deceased had received very cruel treatment from a woman with whom the parish of Lolworth had placed her to board; but the jury however bought in their verdict that she died by the visitation of God, and not by the blows she had received.


Cambridge Chronicle 5 April 1777 P2. Murder of child in yard, Wm Carter.


Saturday last Mr Day and Mr Martindale, coroners for this county took an inquisition on the body of a female child, which was found drowned in a pond in the yard of William carter, at Dry Drayton, when the jury bought in their verdict, wilful murder against the mother, Elizabeth Lucas.

(would anyone like to research and write up the life and fate of Elizabeth Lucas?)


Cambridge Chronicle 26 April 1777 P4. Farm Occupied by Daniel Moore


To be let on lease, and entered upon immediately, a farm at Dry Drayton in the County of Cambridge, now in the occupation of Daniel Moore. Also to be disposed of by way of annuity, for the life only of the present owner, a freehold estate of 52L p. 10s. per annum at Comberton in the county of Cambridge, likewise a copyhold estate of 70L per annum at Dry Drayton in the said county. Further particulars of the above lease and estates, may be known by applying to Mr White, attorney at law in Cambridge.


Cambridge Chronicle 20 June 1778 P4. Farm sale


A farm situate and being at Dry Drayton in the said county of Cambridge, consisting of a farm house, two farm yards with stables, dovehouse and other convenient buildings, 126 acres more or less of pasture ground, about 6 acres of sweard and 180 acres, more or less, of arable land, with the right of keeping about five score of sheep; now let on lease to Mr Michael Brand, 4 years whereof will be unexpired at Lady Day next. NB a close containing 2 acres 2 roods part of the last lot is free; and 14 acres of land and leysare help on lease from St John's College for 20 years from michaelmas 1772, subject to an annualcorn rent; and the rest of the last lot is copyhold of the Manors of Crowland and Coventry, hereditable and pays a quit rent of 3.6.8d a year. The above estates will be shewn by the respective tenants and further particulars many be known of Mr White attorney at law in Cambridge.


Cambridge Chronicle 15 April 1779 P2 Thos Rust butcher, deceased


All persons indebted to the estate and effects of Thomas Rust, late of Dry Drayton in the County of Cambridge, butcher, deceased, are desired to pay their respective debts, within two months from the date hereof to William Matt, attorney in Cambridge who is authorised (by Mr Rust, the widow and administratrix) to receive the same and upon neglect or refusal to proceed for recovery thereof. and any person having demand upon the said estate and effects are likewise desired to send an account to the said Wm Mott.


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